2020 HLC Focused Visit

Welcome HLC Reviewers and Members of the MSU Community. We recommend you begin with the full PDF report, which includes explanatory narrative and discussion of the evidence items in each section of the report appendix. All evidence items in the report appendices are duplicated here, as are additional examples and links into pertinent parts of MSU’s document archives.
HLC Action Item and Evidence
HLC Action Item
2. Develop, implement, and monitor a plan to assure that course level outcomes are being assessed to the extent necessary to ensure outcomes are being met for all programs and in all modalities.

Item 2 Supplemental Evidence

3. Develop and implement policies and processes to ensure that the work, contact hours, and assessment practices for all courses taught in a compressed format are equivalent to their 16-week counterpart.

Item 3 Supplemental Evidence

4. Provide copies of syllabi for any and all courses offered through multiple modes of delivery, demonstrating that the scope and specified learning outcomes and activities for the courses are equivalent.

Item 4 Supplemental Evidence

5. Retain its suspension of scheduling 2-week classes until these new processes have been fully implemented.

Item 5 Supplemental Evidence

6. Implement, monitor, and ensure that all course syllabi contain a minimum standard of information as approved by the Faculty Council by designing a syllabus template that includes but is not limited to, outcomes, term, number of credits of the course, work schedules or assignments, and critical course and institutional policies.

Item 6 Supplemental Evidence

7. Create and implement a review process and accountability system to ensure that all syllabi comply with these expectations.
HLC Action Item and Evidence
HLC Action Item Evidence
10. Provide two complete cycles with clear evidence that it consistently and systematically links its planning process, assessment of student learning, and budget prioritization. Further, the institution must take steps to establish an appropriate policy to assure that the process is systematic and sustainable beyond current personnel, who have an institutional history and know how the system works.

Item 10 Supplemental Evidence

Item 10 Additional Budget Resource Links Requested by HLC Peer Team
Added 9 March 2020