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General Education at Minot State University is designed to ensure students learn a common set of academic skills and capacities, display personal and social responsibility, and understand interconnecting perspectives shaping domestic and global issues.  The overarching goal is to impart and develop skills that allow graduates to flourish and make life-long contributions to their professional, civic, and social world regardless of discipline, major, or career path.  Three broad developmental categories--critical capacities and skills, personal and social responsibility, and interconnecting perspectives--each with specific objectives, constitute general education at MSU. To ensure that all aspects are included in the undergraduate experience, students must take courses or engage in experiences from each area.

General Education - Students
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Gen Ed Overview & Requirements 
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General Education - Faculty
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Gen Ed Overview & Requirements
Gen Ed Assessment 
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General Education Assessment Reports
Fall 2017 General Education Assessment Report
Fall 2017-Fall 2018 General Education Assessment Report

Archived Materials
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