General Education Committee

Director of Institutional Assessment
Nathan Anderson

Faculty Appointed by F.S. President (4)

College of Arts and Sciences (2)
Lizzy LeRud (26) 
Emerson Eads (25) 

College of Business (1)
Chad Fenner (24)

College of Education and Health Sciences (1)
TBD (25) 

Student Members (2)


Meeting times: During 2023-2024, the General Education Committee meets ???????????????? of each month (excluding holidays).  The meetings will be held in Rm XXX XXXXX Hall at X:XXpm.  

Membership: Two faculty members from the College of Arts and Sciences (with no more than one faculty member from a single academic unit), one faculty member each from the College of Education and Health Sciences and the College of Business, two students, and the Director of Institutional Assessment. One faculty member shall serve as a liaison to the Academic Assessment Committee.

Meeting minutes are available on Teams/Sharepoint.

For more information about the committee, including selection of its members, terms, and duties, please visit Article III of the Bylaws of the Faculty Senate.

General Education website

Updated 9/13/22  CDS