Faculty Handbook

Faculty Handbook FAQ [pdf]

Full Handbook [pdf]

Table of Contents

Section A: Description of MSU [pdf]

  1. Introducing Minot State University (MSU)
    1. Welcome: Message from the Vice President for Academic Affairs
    2. Minot State University Campus Buildings
    3. Map of Minot State University
  2. Brief History of Minot State University
  3. Mission
  4. Vision: In Development (May 2016 release)
  5. Administrative Structure
    1. State Board of Higher Education
    2. President
    3. Vice President for Academic Affairs
    4. Vice President for Administration and Finance
    5. Vice President for Student Affairs
    6. Vice President for Advancement
    7. Institutional Committees
    8. Faculty Senate

Section B: Procedures Affecting Faculty [pdf]

  1. General Information
    1. Program Requirements
    2. Academic Freedom
    3. Parking and Permits for Employees
    4. Getting an E-mail Account
    5. Faculty Identification Card Eligibility and Procedures
    6. Access to Minot Air Force Base (MAFB) and the Base Education Center
    7. Access to Bismarck State College
    8. Instructional Equipment
    9. Textbook Orders
    10. Campus Closure Due to Inclement Weather
    11. Library Materials and Support
    12. Student Code of Conduct
    13. Teaching Load
    14. Copyright Compliance
    15. Emeritus Faculty
    16. Posthumous Degree Policy Proposal
  2. General Responsibilities
    1. Faculty Presence in the Classroom
    2. Classroom Assignment
    3. Syllabus Guidelines
    4. Confidentiality of Student Information
    5. Student Attendance Policy
    6. Academic Integrity Code
    7. Student Advising
    8. Grading
    9. CampusConnection
    10. Email Policy Proposal
    11. Address Policy Proposal
  3. Student Policies
    1. Course Registration
    2. Adding and Dropping Courses
    3. Incomplete Grades and Change of Grading Option
    4. Withdrawal from the University
    5. Auditing a Course
    6. Repeating a Course
    7. Academic Progress Requirements
    8. Academic Honors
    9. Appeal via Student Rights Committee
  4. Advancement And Termination Procedures
    1. Types of Appointments
    2. Evaluation
    3. Tenure
    4. Promotion
    5. Summary Calendar for Tenure and Promotion
    6. Termination of Faculty
    7. Due Process
    8. Access to Faculty Personnel Files

Section C: Faculty Benefits [pdf]

  1. Compensation
  2. Fringe Benefits
  3. Worker's Compensation Claims Management
  4. Retirement

Section D: Faculty Support Services [pdf]

  1. Campus Communications
  2. Technology
  3. Information Technology Central (ITC)
  4. Gordon B. Olson Library
  5. Disability Services
  6. Office of Publications and Design Services
  7. Office of International Programs

Section E: Faculty Research and Development [pdf]

  1. Grants Research and Development Opportunities
  2. Professional Leave
  3. Policy Governing Human Subjects Research
  4. Allegations of Misconduct in Research
  5. Travel (Job Related)
  6. Conflict of Interest Policy
  7. Patent Policy
  8. Copyright Policy

Section F: Policies [pdf]

  1. SBHE (State Board of Higher Education) Policies
  2. Affirmative Action Policy
  3. Harassment Policy
  4. Significant Infectious Diseases Policy
  5. Drug-Free Campus Policy
  6. Smoke-Free Campus Policy
  7. Substance Abuse Policy for Faculty and Staff
  8. Media Relations Policy
  9. Visual Review Policy
  10. Policies Governing Human Subjects Research
  11. Minot State University Textbook Selection Policy
  12. Sales of Educational Materials
  13. Conflict of Interest Policy
  14. Patent Policy
  15. Copyright Policy
  16. Accident Reporting Policy
  17. Lawsuits Involving Employees (Sovereign Immunity)
  18. Responsible Conduct in Research Policy

Appendix A: Constitution [pdf]

    • Article I—Purpose
    • Article II—State Board of Higher Education
    • Article III—The President of the University
    • Article IV—Faculty
    • Article V—Academic Freedom, Tenure, and Due Process
    • Article VI—Faculty Senate
    • Article VII—Officers
    • Article VIII—Faculty Senate Meetings
    • Article IX—Bylaws
    • Article X—Amendments
    • Article XI—Approval

Appendix B: Bylaws of the Faculty Senate [pdf]

    Bylaws of the Faculty Senate
    • Article I—Mission
    • Article II—Executive Board of the Faculty Senate
    • Article III—The Faculty Senate
    • Article IV—Evaluation of Faculty
    • Article V—Tenure and Procedures
    • Article VI—Promotion Guidelines
    • Article VII—Faculty Sabbatical Program
    • Article VIII—Salary Administration Policy
    • Article IX—Dispute Resolution and Grievance Policy
    • Article X—Amendment of Bylaws