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2019-2020 Faculty Senate

President of the University
Steve Shirley (non-voting member, ex officio )

Vice President for Academic Affairs
Laurie Geller (voting member, ex officio)

Faculty Senate President
Bryan Schmidt

Parliamentarian (cannot be an elected member of the Faculty Senate)
Christopher Heth (appointed, non-voting member)

Faculty Elected At-large (9)
Andy Bertsch (21)
Dan Conn (21)
Dan Ringrose (21)
Joseph Collette (22)
Dannah Schaffer (22)
Christina Paxman (22)
Jessica Smestad (20) - Secretary
Vicki Michels (20)
Linda Olson (20)

Sixteen faculty elected by college (representation from each college will be prorated on the basis of total number of full-time faculty with at least one member from each college):

College of Arts and Sciences (9)
Cheryl Nilsen (22)
John McCollum (22)
Mikhail Bobylev (22)
Kathryn Kilroy (20)
Mark Singer (20)
Gary Rabe (20)
Jean-Francois Mondon (21)
Darren Seifert (21)
Dianna Anderson (21)

College of Business (2)
Susan Weston (22)
Lori Willoughby (20)

College of Education and Health Sciences (5)
Sandra Groth (22)
Lesley Magnus (20)
Paul Markel (20)
Mary Huston (21)
Lisa Borden-King (21) - Vice-President

Student Association (2 - non-voting)
Gideon Amponsah
Bikalpa Ghimire

Staff Senate (1 - non-voting)
Split between Deb Ringham and Michael Linnell

2019-2020 Senate Executive Board

Committee Chair and Faculty Senate President
Bryan Schmidt

Lisa Borden-King

Jessica Smestad

Immediate Past President of Senate
Andy Bertsch

Vice President for Academic Affairs
Laurie Geller

Christopher Heth

2 Faculty At-large (appointed by Senate President)
Vicki Michels
Dean Frantsvog