2023 - 2024 Faculty Senate

President of the University
Steve Shirley (non-voting member, ex officio )

Vice President for Academic Affairs
Laurie Geller (voting member, ex officio)

Faculty Senate President
David Rolandson 

Faculty Senate Vice President
Mark Singer

Parliamentarian (cannot be an elected member of the Faculty Senate)
Jane la Plante (appointed, non-voting member) (24)

Faculty Elected At-large (3)
Ethan Valentine (25)
Charles Young (26)
Mark Singer (24)

One Member Elected by each Academic Department/Division (16)
Dianna Anderson - Division of Performing Arts (26)
Kathryn Kilroy - Division of Science (24) - Fall 2023 Semester Genevieve Kahrilas Rep for Science
Joseph Pettit - Department of Biology (24)
Bill Harbort -  Division of Art and Professional Communication (26)
Daren Erisman - Department of Mathematics & Computer Science (26)
Samuel Stinson - Division of World Languages and Cultural Studies (24)
Wojciech Cebulak - Department of Criminal Justice (26)
Raman Sachdev - Division of Social Science (26)
Mary Huston - Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders (25)
Nichol Anderson - Department of Teacher Education and Kinesiology (26)
Lacey Corneliusen - Department of Addiction Studies, Psychology, and Social Work (24)
Holly Pedersen - Department of Special Education (24)
Ashley DeMakis - Department of Nursing (25)
Megan Fixen - Department of Business Administration (25)
Sue Weston- Department of Accounting and Finance (26)
Chad Fenner - Department of Business Information Technology (24)

One Member Elected by the Librarians and Honors Director (1)
Mara West (25)

Student Government Association (2 - non-voting)
Ankita Rijal

Staff Senate (1 - non-voting)
Melissa Cantone

*Terms of office for Faculty Senate shall be limited to two three-year terms with one year off before being eligible to serve on Faculty Senate again.

2023 - 2024 Senate Executive Board

Committee Chair and Faculty Senate President
David Rolandson

Mark Singer

Ethan Valentine

Immediate Past President of Senate
Jynette Larshus

Vice President for Academic Affairs
Laurie Geller

Jane la Plante

2 Faculty At-large (appointed by Senate President)
Chad Fenner (24)
Beth Marschner (24)

Updated 01/26/2024~LKG