Application for General Education

Assignment Update

If you need to update the assignment in an existing general education course, please do the following.

Please make sure the updated assignment 1) meets the description and learning outcomes for that developmental content sub-category; 2) can be assessed using the rubric for that developmental content sub-category, and 3) will be used in all sections of the same course.

The outcomes and rubrics are in the developmental content application materials located below. You do NOT need to complete the entire application process, only submit an updated assignment that still addresses the appropriate outcomes and can be assessed using the appropriate rubric. 

Once you have the assignment ready, submit it here

New Application to Include Course in Developmental Content

If your department/division would like to submit a course for inclusion in general education, please read and complete the appropriate materials from below. Sign and submit the cover sheet (also included on the last page of the application materials) along with your application materials to the chair of the General Education Committee.

Developmental Content Application Materials

Critical Capacities and Skills (CCS) requires a student to demonstrate the capacity to think critically, write, collaborate, communicate, solve problems, and to deploy skills related to information and quantitative literacy.

  • CCS1 Problem Solving
  • CCS2 Information Literacy
  • CCS3 Critical Reading
  • CCS4 Quantitative Literacy
  • CCS5 Oral/Written Communications
  • CCS6 Collaboration

Personal and Social Responsibility (PSR) requires a student to develop an understanding and commitment to individual well-being and to civic life and community needs.

  • PSR1 Relationships and Value Systems
  • PSR2 Responding to Community Needs
  • PSR3 Individual Well-Being

Interconnecting Perspectives (IP) requires a student to study, reflect, and apply the understanding of diverse global and domestic perspectives both in the classroom and in a global setting.

  • IP1 Knowledge
  • IP2 Experience

Foundational Content (FC)

  • FC1 Humanities
  • FC2 The Physical and Natural World
  • FC3 History and Social Science

General Education Cover Sheet [pdf]