General Education Transfer Credit

If a student transfers to MSU and is considered complete in his/her general education requirements under one of MSU’s agreements, the student will be considered to have met the requirements for the developmental content, foundational content, and required core.

Students transferring to Minot State University who have earned 24 or more credits toward graduation, excluding credits earned through dual credit prior to graduating from high school and credits earned through examination, are not required to take UNIV 110 First Year Seminar but need to complete any required courses not yet completed in all sections of Minot State University General Education requirements.

If you took a course at another institution and you think it should be counted as a general education course, complete the form below for developmental content, attached relevant related documents, and submit them to the person or office indicated on the form.

  • Transfer Course - Request for Developmental Content Credit
  • Transfer Course - Request for Foundation or Core Credit: If the Registrar Office's review of your transfer courses did not equate one or more of them to general education courses, and you believe the course you took should be reevaluted, contact your academic advisor for assistance or contact the department for which you think your course might count. Academic department offices are listed HERE

North Dakota University System Transfer Information [GERTA]
GERTA is a guide to transfer general education courses within the North Dakota University System and other associated North Dakota institution of higher education. (Also known as the Gold and Silver Guide.)

The NDUS Transfer Agreement was developed to assist students who transfer within the eleven NDUS campuses and tribal colleges in North Dakota. Students who have completed the lower division General Education Requirement (GER) at one campus are deemed to have completed them at another. Students who have not completed GER prior to transfer will find that their General Education coursework taken at one campus will be acceptable as General Education course work at another, although some redistribution of courses may result.

Students transferring into Minot State University should contact the Registrar at the former campus to have verification of GER completion forwarded to the Registrar’s Office at Minot State University. Students transferring out of Minot State University should either complete the Minot State University GER or take courses in the Minot State University General Education inventory that are marked for transfer (e.g. ND:ENGL, ND:HUM, ND:LABSC). Please direct questions about the Transfer Agreement to the Registrar’s Office.

Under the terms of the NDUS Transfer Agreement, the Minot State GER contains the following five components. Credits taken elsewhere and coded as indicated will help to complete the Minot State GER:

  1. Communication (9 credits: 6 credits of English and 3 of Speech).
    Any NDUS course marked ND:ENGL may apply to the 6-credit English requirement, and any marked ND:SPEECH may apply to the Speech requirement.
  2. History & Social Science  (9 credits). 
    3 credits of History and 6 credits of Social Science). Any NDUS course marked ND:HIST and ND: SS
  3. Humanities  (6 credits).
    Any NDUS course marked ND:HUM. 
  4. Science with a lab (8 credits).
    Any NDUS course marked ND: LABSC
  5. Mathematics (4 credits).
    Any NDUS course marked ND:MATH which is at the level of college algebra or above.

For students who have not completed the general education requirements in transfer, the MSU Registrar’s Office will determine those credits which may be applied to the University’s General Education Requirements and issue a transcript summary to the student.

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