Academic Assessment Liaisons

Updates from the meetings of the academic assessment liaisons are posted below. Contact the chair of the Academic Assessment Committee if you have questions.


  • Coordinate program assessment discussions with faculty, staff, students, and others as applicable. 
  • Attend liaison information sessions. 
  • Collaborate with administrators and other faculty at the program, unit, and campus levels when applicable. 
  • Ensure programs receive feedback on their assessment. 
  • Meet with the Chair to keep them apprised of university/college assessment policies, practices, and activities. 
  • Identify and share institutionally effective assessment practices. 
  • Provide consistency and clarity to program student learning goals and outcomes as listed in catalog and in program assessment reports. 
  • Provide feedback and communicate back to the department about Spring Assessment Day.

Assessment Liaisons for 2022-2023

  • Director of Institutional Assessment (Co-chair) - Nathan Anderson
  • Chair of the Academic Assessment Committee (Co-chair) - Kateri Miller
  • Accounting and Finance faculty member - Nicole Wald
  • Addiction Studies, Psychology, and Social Work faculty member - Kali Heyen
  • Art and Professional Communication faculty member - Micah Bloom
  • Biology faculty member - Rachel Shomaker
  • Business Administration faculty member - Andy Bertsch
  • Business Information Technology faculty member - Serena Pontenila
  • Communication Sciences and Disorders faculty member - Kara Nunziato
  • Criminal Justice faculty member - 
  • Honors faculty member - Jessica Smestad
  • Mathematics & Computer Science faculty member - Daren Erisman 
  • Performing Arts faculty member - Kateri Miller
  • Nursing faculty member - Jaci Reep-Jarmin
  • Science faculty member - Genevieve Kahrilas
  • Social Science faculty member - Mark Singer
  • Special Education faculty member - Holly Pedersen
  • Teacher Education and Kinesiology faculty member - Dan Conn
  • World Languages and Cultural Studies faculty member - Samuel Stinson

Membership Dashboard


  • All appointed members serve one-year terms. The Director of Institutional Assessment is a permanent Co-chair.   

Method for filling a vacancy 

  • The Chair of a department with a vacancy will appoint a faculty member to serve for the remainder of the academic year.  

Meeting minutes are available on Teams/Sharepoint