Academic Assessment Committee

Director of Institutional Assessment (non-voting member ex officio)

  • Nathan Anderson

Registrar (non-voting member ex officio)

  • Rebecca Ringham

Faculty Elected At-Large (2)

  • Aaron Wade (26)
  • Kelsey Higginson (24) 

Faculty Elected by College (4)

  • College of Arts and Sciences — Amanda Watts (26)
  • College of Business — Serena Pontenila (25)
  • College of Education and Health Sciences — Emily Stephens (26)
  • College of Arts and Sciences — Kateri Miller (24) - Chair

Student (1)

  • TBD

Meeting minutes are available on Teams/Sharepoint.

For more information about the committee, including selection of its members, terms, and duties, please visit Article III of the Bylaws of the Faculty Senate.

For information about the work of the academic assessment liaisons, visit Academic Assessment Liaisons