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General Education

Faculty Information

General Education Requirements (starting Fall 2014)
Full General Education Catalog Listings [link]
General Education Fall 2014 Advising Worksheet [pdf]
Developmental Model Section [pdf]
Evaluation Request Form [pdf]
Rubrics for the 11 Developmental Content Areas

General Education Forms (Pre-Fall 2014)
Advising Worksheet [pdf]

Gen Ed Umbrella Goals 1997 [pdf]
Senate Charge 1997 [pdf]
Gen Ed Report 1997 [pdf]
Report to MSU Faculty Senate May 4, 2006 [pdf]
Final Report to Faculty Senate 2006-2007 [pdf]

Documents Concerning General Education Recertification
The General Education Course Certification file below will be updated at the end of each semester--but just as the General Education website itself, which is formally subordinate to the information in the Minot State University Catalogue, the Course Certification file is subordinate to the official file kept in the Registrar’s Office. It thus serves as a good general guide for your planning, but not as an absolute one. For specific recertification information, contact Andrea Donovan, Chair of the General Education Committee, 6-3819 or

General Education Committee Meetings Course Approvals as of 3-10-2014 [xls]

2013 General Education Application [docx]
Advising Worksheet - Draft for Fall 2014 [pdf]
General Education Signature Sheet [pdf]