Strategic Planning & Budget Council

Objectives: 1) To implement MSU’s strategic plan, Empowering Generations, and to advise in the budget development and required University budget request processes. 2) To identify priorities and create implementation calendars along with the funding mechanisms to ensure Minot State University’s success. 3) To review MSU’s strategic goals, objectives, action items, and metrics as needed.

Minutes: Archived copies

Membership: Members are nominated by respective governance groups and appointed by the President and include the following: VPAA (chair), Director of Institutional Research, Director of Marketing, Director of Enrollment Services, six faculty (two from each college), two staff representatives, two student representatives.

Committee Members
Laurie Geller, VPAA, Chair (non-voting)
Jacek Mrozik, Associate VP
Cari Olson, Director of Institutional Research
Teresa Loftesnes, Director of Marketing
Katie Tyler, Director of Enrollment Services

Mike Linnell
Deb Ringham

College of Business
     Nicole Wald
     Linda Cresap
College of Education and Health Sciences
     Ann Beste-Guldborg
     Warren Gamas
College of Arts and Sciences
     DeVera Bowles
     Sayeed Sajal

Janel Bortoluzzi
Cole Brose


  1. Review annual budget requests and presentations via the annual budget process and make recommendations to President’s Staff.
  2. Get progress reports from those leading strategic planning initiatives (i.e., document progress and hold people accountable).
  3. Review new academic and co-curricular program requests, new positions, space requests, and other related requests before proceeding.
  4. Assist with program prioritization and budget cuts when appropriate.
  5. Help plan the annual strategic planning retreat.
  6. Review the information from the annual strategic planning retreat and make recommendations for updates to the strategic plan to President’s Staff.
  7. Communicate with campus constituency groups (e.g., senates) and seek total understanding and commitment by campus.
  8. Assess and publicize progress toward goals, action items, and metrics.
  9. Regularly review goals, objectives, action items, and metrics.

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