FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

First Year Student Housing Policy
Minot State University would like to encourage the best possible start for students with their college experience. Compared to students that live off campus, experience shows that students who live on campus are more likely to:

  • become more involved with on campus activities
  • perform better academically
  • graduate and complete their degrees
  • become a more active alumni member after graduation

All first year undergraduate students at Minot State University who have earned less than 24 semester credit hours and are under 20 years of age must live on campus in our residence halls and purchase a required meal plan during their first year here. Exemptions to this policy may be granted when any of the following circumstances exist where the student:

  • Is commuting from parents/legal guardian or family member's residence within 25 miles of MSU
  • Is registered only for distance education courses
  • Is married and living with spouse and/or has dependent children under their care
  • Is a veteran of military service or active duty personnel
  • Has a disability requiring specialized accommodations

Students who live within the 25 mile radius of Minot can try living on campus until October 1. If at that time they chose to move home they can complete the exemption form and will only be charged for the time stayed.

All requests for exemption from this policy must submit a Request for Exemption [pdf] form to the Residence Life & Housing Office by July 1 for the Academic Year contract and November 1 for the Spring Semester contract.

The Residence Life & Housing Office provides reasonable accommodations for all residents. Please refer to our policies and application process and do not hesitate to ask questions 701-858-3363. 


We appreciate your assistance with keeping our buildings maintained. Please email us a detailed description of maintenance requests, we want your experience to be comfortable. Examples of requests are: lighting issues, outlet issues, water or drain problems, oven not working properly, door or locks are loose, window screen, etc.

Cook Hall: cook@minotstateu.edu  or 701-818-7257

McCulloch Hall: mcculloch@minotstateu.edu   or 701-818-7120

Crane Hall: crane@minotstateu.edu   or  701-818-7018

Lura Manor:   lura@minotstateu.edu    or  701-818-7071

Campus Heights:   campusheights@minotstateu.edu  or 701-500-2474

Pioneer Hall:   pioneerhall@minotstateu.edu  or  701-500-2474


Our buildings are equipped with electronic access doors that are locked 24-hours a day, cameras and alarms systems to assist in providing a safer environment.

A Residence Hall staff member is on call 24-hrs. The staff member on-duty does building rounds every night in their building.

Campus Security staff patrol campus 24-hrs/day/7days a week. (Campus Safety & Security Information)

Minot State students are responsible for knowing their environment, locking their rooms when they are sleeping and gone, and students should not let people into the building unless they are assuming responsibility for them. 

We are all responsible for the safety of our residences. Visitors/Guests are the
responsibility of the resident hosting them at all times. Guests must follow all University
and residence life policies. Residents should not allow visitors into the building if they are
not assuming personal responsibility for them. A resident that hosts a guest assumes
responsibility for any policy or regulation infractions committed by his/her guest(s).

Visitation is a privilege and the Residence Life Office can remove visitation privileges for
any reason at any time. The right of a student to reasonably sleep, study, and feel safe
in their unit supersedes the right to have a guest.

There is no time restriction as to when a guest can visit (open 24-hours), however,
roommates/suitemates should be in agreement on how they host guests. A resident’s
right to visitation does not supersede another’s right to safety and privacy.

Any guest visiting for more than one night in the residence hall should be made known
to the Residence Hall Director. Cohabitation is not permitted. Only contracted residents
of the building may hold residence in their assigned room.
The right of a student to reasonably sleep, study, and feel safe in their unit supersedes
the right to have a guest.

Yes! They're in every Hall,  FREE use, no additional cost.  

Residence Halls 

Each room has: 

  • 2 desks and 2 chairs
  • 2 Twin beds (Lura, Crane and McCulloch have Twin XL mattress
  • closet/wardrobe for each student
  • mirror
  • window blinds
  • active Ethernet connection and wireless Internet service.

Furniture in most student rooms is moveable. All furniture must remain in the room. 



Minot State apartments have kitchens with cabinets, range, fridge, and sink. Each bathroom will have a shower, toilet and sink. The bedroom will have a closet for storage. 

Minot state does not furnish apartments. 

We suggest that each student bring:

  • 4 season clothing and footwear
  • Linens (Blanket, Sheets (Twin XL), Pillow, Towels etc.)
  • Laundry Basket 
  • Trash bin
  • Toiletry Caddie (to carry toiletries)
  • Hangers
  • First Aid Kit (although each building has one!)
  • Toiletries and carrier
  • Winter Coat, Jacket, mittens, scarf, hat
  • Decor (the best part!) Must be hung without damaging surfaces. 
  • Your electronics and chargers (Computers, phones, etc...)

Students staying in Lura Manor or Crane Hall may also want bathroom cleaning supplies, to clean between scheduled weekly cleaning. 

Optional Items: 


  • Extensions cords (allowed one surge protector per resident)
  • Rubber-backed carpeting (this is a fire code violation)
  • Weapons, firearms of any kind, and look-alike-weapons
  • Laundry detergent pods, please use high-efficiency laundry detergent
  • Halogen lamps, potpourri burners, candle warmers, candles, and incense
  • Microwaves (there is a microwave on each floor in the halls, if every room had a microwave the power circuit couldn't handle the power surges)
  • Toasters, toaster ovens, hot pots, popcorn poppers, panini grills, hot plates
  • Space heaters, ceiling fans, air conditioners
  • Pets of any kind, other than fish in a 10-gallon tank or smaller (service animals and emotional support animals are permitted)

The Residence Life Department holds the right to determine if additional items or appliances are deemed potentially dangerous.

Residence Hall students (Cook Hall, McCulloch Hall, Crane Hall, and Lura Manor) are required to purchase a university meal plans. Residence halls are not designed for all students to regularly prepare meals. 

Students living in campus apartments (Campus Heights, Pioneer or University Heights) are not required to have a meal plan.

Residents are responsible for maintaining reasonable conditions for study and sleep in our residence halls. A students right to study and sleep supercedes a students rights to entertain. 

A twenty-four-hour quiet period goes into effect prior to and during final exam periods.

Students are expected to confront individuals who infringe upon their right to study or sleep. Resident Assistants are available to help maintain a reasonable level of quiet on the floor; however, they are not expected to be the sole policy enforcers on the floor. If the resident has not made an attempt, the RA is likely to encourage them to discuss the matter with the student in question before seeking intervention.


The best defense is to keep your room doors locked at all times and to take valuables home over break periods.

Minot State is not responsible for loss or damage to personal property from any cause; therefore, we recommend that you check to see if your belongings are covered under your family's homeowner's insurance policy. If this is not the case, you may wish to buy renter's insurance, which is reasonably priced. Regardless of coverage, items such as your TV, cell phone, camera, XBOX, mini fridge, a computer should be engraved for identification purposes.

The relationship between roommates often impacts one’s satisfaction with college life. Components of a positive relationship are the assertive expression of one’s needs, the recognition, and respect for the unique needs and lifestyles of others, and the positive management of conflict. Students are expected to take primary responsibility for ensuring the development and maintenance of a positive roommate relationship.

The residence life staff are available for mediation. It is our desire that students enjoy their living environment and if necessary the residence life staff can explain the room change process.  

Students who contract to live on campus for the Fall and Spring Semester can stay in their room over the Thanksgiving break, the semester break, Spring break, and Easter break at no additional charge. 

On-campus dining is not available over breaks. 

Unless approved for a university sanctioned activity, Early arrival to campus or late departure from campus outside the dates of your contract comes with a daily charge. 

Minot State's Information Technology Center is available for all your electronic needs. 


Student Health and Counseling is available to all students at no extra cost. Please call them at 701-858-3371 to set an appointment. 

Sick Tray Meal Delivery
If an injury or illness (non-COVID-19 related) leaves you unable to go to dining services for your meals, you can request that a friend, or member of the Residence Life staff be allowed to pick up a sick tray for you to be brought back to your room.  Please print and complete the  Sick Tray Request Form

If you have been contacted by the state to quarantine or isolate due to COVID-19, meal delivery is available. Please email:

Kevin Harmon at kevin.harmon@minotstateu.edu or Deb Haman debra.haman@minotstateu.edu

Students Living On Campus

Your First Name & Last Name
Minot State University
Residence Hall & Room or Apartment Number
500 University Ave W
Minot, ND 58707

Residence Hall Mail
There is one mail box per room. Students with roommates should discuss how mail will be handled. Mail room hours and outside-of-hours pick up will be posted at the hall desk.

Apartment Mail
Mail is delivered to each apartment's mail box in the respective building. Apartment residents must pick up packages in the Student Center as apartments do not have a mail room in their building for secure package delivery.

Additional campus mail information can be found at: https://www.minotstateu.edu/parking/mail.shtml