Why Live on Campus?

You have the rest of your life to adult. Living on campus allows you to focus on being a student. 

Make Minot State your home away from home and live on campus. 

  • All inclusive. Where else can you live and easily access a gym, cafe, free entertainment, and friends? With the Wellness Center, Beaver Creek Café, MSU Life, athletic events, and more, grab someone on your floor and explore all Minot State has to offer.

    On-Campus Residence Hall Student Cost Off Campus Student Cost
    Rent $350/month $400/Month


    (mealplan: no cooking or cleaning)


    (does not include preptime or cleanup)


    $0/ week

    $50-$100/ week

    (Gas, utilities, kitchen & cleaning supplies...)

  • Make new friends. Expand your circle and meet people from around the world. Living on campus creates easy connections with others going through similar life experiences.

  • Short commute. Save yourself the hassle of driving to campus and finding a parking space. Sleep in and still get to class on time.

  • Someone else cooks & cleans. At the Beaver Creek Café, there is always a wide variety of foods to chose from and in the halls we have staff that clean the bathrooms. 

  • Get that high GPA. Students who live on campus tend to earn higher grades than their peers who stay off campus.

  • Stay safe. Security service is provided on campus 24/7.

  • Flexibility. Want to continue to live with your friends but have someone else cook and clean? Why don't you take over a floor with your friends? Craving a little more freedom and want to live in an apartment? We have those, too!