Residence Halls


Residence Halls


     All incoming first-year students will need to review
     our First-Year Student Housing Policy

     For more information about living in the residence halls,
     please review our Residence Hall Handbook.

Residence Hall Amenities Compared
Furnished rooms include a bed, desk, chair, closet, and dresser.

Amenities Cook Hall Crane Hall Dakota Hall McCulloch Hall Lura Manor
Gender Co-Ed Co-Ed Co-Ed Co-Ed Co-Ed &G.I*
Air Conditioning      
Suite Style      
Community Bathroom    
Full Kitchen    

*Gender Inclusive

2019-2020 Room Rates
All rates are based on Double Occupancy.

Double Occupancy Rates
Residence Hall Fall Rate* Spring Rate* Year Total
Cook Hall (Co-Ed) $ 1,286 $ 1,286 $ 2,572
Dakota Hall (Co-Ed) $ 1,286 $ 1,286 $ 2,572
McCulloch Hall (Co-Ed) $ 1,286 $ 1,286 $ 2,572
Crane Hall (Co-Ed) $ 1,563 $ 1,563 $ 3,126
Lura Manor (Co-Ed) $ 1,563 $ 1,563 $ 3,126

Room Agreements are for the Academic Year.
All students living in the residence halls are required to purchase a meal plan.

Single Rooms
Single rooms will be offered to students as space becomes available after the start of the semester. Students may request a single room in the housing office when the normal room change process begins.

Single Occupancy Rates
Single Room Fees Fall Rate* Spring Rate* Year Total
Single Room (Cook, McCulloch & Dakota) $2,218 $ 2,218 $4,436
Single Room additional charge (Crane & Lura) $2,622 $ 2,622 $5,244
*Both Fall and Spring rates do not include a $25 RHA Fee that will show as a seperate charge on your student account.