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Minot State Residence Life supports students by providing a safe, dimensional, and inclusive community to live and learn.


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Why Live On? 

While research shows that living on campus is an affordable option, for many students it is not about the money. A few of the perks that students who live on campus experience are:

Support. Students who live on campus experience more support, not just from the university but from the natural support system from living with others going through the same stressors. 

Short commute. We are located in North Dakota, which is not known for it's warm winters. Students who live on campus don't have to warm their vehicles, drive, or find a parking space. On campus students can wake up late and still make it to class on time. Average walking time across campus is 7 minutes. 

Entertainment. College provides numerous opportunities to develop who you are outside of the classroom. Students who live on campus can effortlessly attend night time MSU Life events, athletic events, academic speakers, and workout at the Wellness Center without having to put in the time to return to campus. 

Stay posted for continuous updates to the options for campus housing. 

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