Cancellation of Registration/Withdrawing to Zero Credits

Students who find it necessary to completely withdraw to zero credits must complete the Cancellation/Withdraw to Zero Credits Form in Campus Connection. Student Homepage > MiSU eForms > Registrar's Office > Cancel/Withdraw to Zero. 

NOTE:  Students are not able to withdraw once final exams have begun or if you have received a grade for a course completed during the term you wish to withdraw from.

Withdrawing to Zero Credits
Campus Connection does not allow you to drop your last or only class. Students who wish to withdraw from all courses in a current or future term must complete the Cancellation of Registration/Withdrawing to Zero Credits form.

Tuition and Fee Refund 
When withdrawing to zero credits, refund considerations are made based on the date the withdrawal is processed and the classes that you are still enrolled in at the time of withdrawal. Be aware of the Minot State Refund and Return of Title IV Funds Policy for Withdrawal from all Classes Policy and the Tuition and Fee Refund Schedule which is found under the Important Dates and Information section.

Financial Aid Impact
Financial Aid recipients may have all or a portion of their financial aid returned based on the date of withdrawal which could result in a balance owed to Minot State. Your withdrawal may affect your future eligibility for financial aid, review the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.

Exit Loan Counseling Requirement
If you received loans while attending Minot State through the Federal Direct (subsidized/unsubsidized), Federal Perkins or Nursing loan programs you are required to complete exit loan counseling at the time of withdrawal.

Students who stop participating in all classes in the midst of a semester without formally withdrawing are considered to have unofficially withdrawn.

If a student who began attendance and has not officially withdrawn fails to earn a passing grade in at least one course offered over an entire semester, Minot State will assume the student has unofficially withdrawn and will seek documentation of the student's last date of academic participation in his or her courses. The determination of unofficial withdrawals will occur after grades are posted at the end of each semester by creating a list of all students who received all F's, I's, or U's for the payment period (semester). For unofficial withdrawals, the withdrawal date used for calculating Return of Title IV funds is the later date of either the midpoint of the period of enrollment or the last date of academic participation in any course as reported by the student's faculty members.

Based on the determined unofficial withdrawal date, a Return of Title IV funds calculation will be completed to determine the amounts and types of federal financial aid to be returned and Minot State will return the unearned Title IV funds to the Federal Aid programs. All unearned financial aid funds to be returned will be the responsibility of the student to repay to Minot State. A letter will be mailed to the student at the time of the calculation notifying the student of their obligation to repay Minot State for the unearned portion of the federal financial aid they received for the semester and a point of contact from the Minot State Business Office will be identified in the letter. Students who unofficially withdraw will be placed on Financial Aid Disqualification following the term in which they receive all F's, I's, or U's.

Catalog Year
Be aware that students who withdraw and later return to Minot State, must complete the requirements under the catalog representing the term in which they reenroll per the Catalog Governing Graduation Policy found in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Visit with an Academic Advisor/Counselor
If you are withdrawing because of concerns related to your academic, personal, financial or disability that impact your decision to withdraw to zero credits, please take time to contact an appropriate area to discuss your concerns. 

Academic Support Center (ASC) (701) 858-4040
Counseling Services (701) 858-3371
Access Services (701) 858-3372
Power Center (701) 858-4047

Tutoring Services

(701) 858-3360
Academic Advising Contact your academic advisor listed in Campus Connection
Financial/Financial Aid (701) 858-3375

Residence Life
If you live in on campus housing, you will need to complete a cancellation form and schedule a proper check out time. Failure to properly check out may result in additional fees. Contact Residence Life, (701) 858-3363.

Returning to Minot State in the Future
If you intend to return to Minot State University after having been out for one or more semesters, you must submit the Application for Readmission to the Registrar's Office.