Student Employment

  • A great way to help fund an education or earn spending money. 
  • Flexible and convenient by fitting with your classes and study schedule.
  • Valuable work experience you can include on a future job resume'.
  • Employers know when finals and holiday breaks are scheduled.  

To see a list of available student employment opportunities and apply for campus employment,

Minot State offers two types of on campus employment opportunities for students:

Minot State Federal Work-Study Program:

  • Provides part-time employment opportunities, allowing you to earn money to help fund your college education.
  • You must file a FAFSA.
  • Need-based program.
  • Funds depend on school availability. Priority is given to students whose FAFSA is completed by April 15, Minot State's priority funding deadline.
  • Your work-study offer will appear on an eligible student's Financial Aid Offer. This is not a guarantee of employment.
  • Job openings are posted under "Student Employment Openings at Minot State University" on the Minot State Human Resources site.
  • Eligible students can contact departments to request an interview.
  • Your offer may be canceled if you do not secure a position. 
  • Minimum wage on campus is $10 per hour.
  • You are responsible to monitor your earnings to ensure you don't work more than your total Federal Work-Study offer allows.
  • You are not permitted to work during a scheduled class time.
  • If you were not initially offered Federal Work-Study on your Financial Aid Offer, check with the Minot State Financial Aid Office to determine your eligibility.

Minot State Institutional Employment:

  • Provides part-time employment opportunities.
  • Positions are open to anyone regardless of financial need. 
  • Available to Canadian and other international students eligible to work under this program.
  • Job openings are posted under "Student Employment Openings at Minot State University" on the Minot State Human Resources site.
  • Students can contact departments to request an interview. 
  • Minimum wage on campus is $10 per hour.

A variety of positions are available on campus. Some examples of the types of jobs available are computer lab assistants, office assistants, maintenance workers, and library assistants.

Student workers must see the Minot State Payroll Office to complete new hire paperwork. The paperwork must be done prior to the start of employment. The payroll office is located on the 2nd floor of the Minot State Administration Building. 

  • You must be enrolled and maintain at least six semester hours.
  • If you cease enrollment at Minot State, your employment will also end at that time.
  • Students interested in summer employment should contact the Minot State Financial Aid Office for eligibility information.

» Campus procedures for hiring student employees

Contact Tonya Critz at the Financial Aid Office with any questions at 701-858-4152.