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Financial Aid Office

Transfer Students

If you are planning to transfer to MSU and apply for federal student aid (federal grants, student loans, and work study) here is a short checklist to follow:

  • Complete a FAFSA at or add the MSU School Code 002994 to your already completed FAFSA.
  • If you are transferring between semesters, cancel any pending financial aid disbursements at another school by contacting your prior school’s Financial Aid Office.
  • If you expect to receive education funding from any outside agencies such as Vocational Rehabilitation, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, scholarship agencies, etc; notify us of the amounts and types of funding you are expecting by emailing us at:  and be sure to notify the outside agency of your plans.
  • Contact the ND State Grant Agency at (701) 328-4114 if you received a ND State Grant to see whether or not the grant will transfer.
  • Complete the verification process at MSU if you were selected for verification at your previous school.
  • Provide all required admission requirements by the first day of the semester,  You can view the missing documents on your To-Do list on Campus Connection. 

**NOTE:    Your federal financial aid disbursement will be on hold until you provide all necessary admission documents (which includes all transcripts from previously attended schools) to the Enrollment Services Offices.  If you have any questions about the required documents, please contact the MSU Enrollment Services Office at 858-3350.