Prior Learning Assessment

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Your work experience, military experience, or professional development may make you eligible for college credits through our new College of Business Prior Learning Assessment program. Earn academic credit for your hard work to take steps towards accelerating your time to degree completion and reduce your costs.

What our students say:

"The prior learning assessment takes your work history and experience and allows you to apply it to a class. Aside for the personal assignments such as resume and autobiography, I learned much more about the class than I expected it. It provided continual learning that will benefit my career." - Mindi Grudzinski '23, management


Credit by experience

Under the guidance of a faculty mentor, you will create a digital portfolio for each course for which you seek credit. The course faculty will review your portfolios and determine awarding of credit.

Classes eligible for portfolio assessment
BADM 301 Fundamentals of Management
BADM 321 Marketing
BIT 120 Introduction to Cybersecurity
BIT 185 Technology Management
BIT 220 Management Information Systems
BIT 235 Introduction to Web Design
BIT 244 IT Security and Information Assurance
BIT 258 IT Infrastructure
BIT 302 Business Communications
BIT 310 IS Project Management
BIT 311 Organizational Collaboration
BIT 347 Data Analysis for Business
BOTE 247 Spreadsheet Applications

Additional courses may be available upon request.

Challenge exam

Under certain circumstances, a currently registered student may receive credit by examination for a course in which they have not been regularly enrolled. Each department or division may determine those courses, if any, for which credit may be earned by examination.

Classes eligible
ACCT 200 Elements of Accounting I
ACCT 315 Legal Environment of Business
ACCT 411  Taxation of Individuals
ACCT 412  Taxation of Property Transactions/Business Entities
FIN 353 Principles of Financial Management


Earning a professional certification may present the opportunity to earn college credit. 

Classes eligible
BIT 120 Introduction to Cybersecurity - Security+
BIT 185 Technology Management -  A+
BIT 220 Management Information Systems - IC3
BIT 244 IT Security and Information Assurance - Comp TIA Security + TestOut Security
BIT 247 Spreadsheet Applications - Microsoft Office Specialist: Excel Associate (Excel 2019).
BIT 258 IT Infrastructure - N+
BADM 303 Human Resource Management - variety of options from HRCI and SHRM

Grading and credits

Courses passed through any one of our three PLA options will be recorded on your transcript as "S" for satisfactory. These courses will not count toward your GPA and do not incur honor points.


Tuition for a PLA credit is 50% of the regular per credit cost, saving you time and money. 

Credit by exam, professional certification, and portfolio assessment credits are not eligible for financial aid, including federal and state grants, scholarships, loans, Minot State scholarships, and tuition waivers and do not count in enrollment status for in-school deferment of existing student loans. 

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