Business Administration

Thank you for your interest in our business administration majors. At Minot State, our exemplary programs, experiences and student activities will prepare you for your career of choice. 

Whether you are looking ahead to owning your own company, managing a family-owned business, or being a change agent in the corporate environment, Minot State’s Bachelor of Science degree in entrepreneurship sets you on a path to success. You will gain a solid educational foundation from successful entrepreneurs and professors who teach you how to locate, manage, and grow resources that will aid in the creation and growth of a business.

We also offer an entrepreneurship minor or certificate of entrepreneurship to fit your needs best. Highly interactive classes have been designed to instill entrepreneurial thinking, as you gain knowledge of the entrepreneurial process and how to start, finance, plan, and launch a business.

Globalization has made cross-border business more common than ever and Minot State’s Bachelor of Science degree in  international business will prepare you with the skills needed for your future success. Many international business careers involve the movement of products and services. As business expand around the world, more entry-level management positions are needed.

You may also earn a minor or concentration in international business as a great way to round out your education at Minot State, preparing you for today’s global economy.

Climb to the top of the career ladder with a Bachelor of Science degree in management. Effective managers are leaders, communicators, organizers, and problem solvers. You will learn how to manage people and programs during your coursework which might include an internship or club involvement at Minot State.

A management minor will complement any degree you choose to earn, preparing you to plan, organize staff, lead, and control resources while adding value to organizations in any environment. For non-business majors, the management concentration offers key courses in business, management, human resources, and organizational behavior.

In today’s economy, marketing skills are a vital part of any institution or business. As you earn the Bachelor of Science degree in marketing at Minot State, you will be learn the most up-to-date marketing methods and tools, including the ever-changing world of social media, the significance of market research, the impact of advertising, and the role of public relations.

Minot State also offers a marketing minor and a marketing concentration that best fits your needs.

We offer a robust selection of minors and concentrations to strengthen your University education, regardless of the undergraduate degree you choose to receive.

As you move through your coursework and anticipate graduation, take time to strategize about an internship that will let you apply your skills and knowledge in a professional business/corporate setting. Successfully completing an internship will elevate your resume and give you an advantage when competing for your desired job.