Accounting and Finance

Thank you for your interest in our accounting and finance majors. At Minot State, our exemplary programs, experiences, and student activities will prepare you for your career of choice. 

Accountants are detail-oriented and can quickly analyze, compare, and interpret facts and figures. Earning your accounting degree will enable you to provide tax services, conduct audits, and provide financial or managerial accounting. Your employment outlook, 35% job growth through 2025, will be promising by becoming proficient in accounting-related software and information systems or possessing expertise in specialized areas, such as fraud examination, while at Minot State.

Accounting interrelates with many other disciplines, making our accounting minor or accounting concentration a great way to enhance other degrees you may pursue. Our coursework will make you aware of the multifaceted nature of business while placing emphasis on technical knowledge, problem analysis and solution, information systems, communication, and ethics.

You will open doors to jobs in corporate financial management, financial analysis, banking, investments, real estate, financial planning, international business, and entrepreneurship with your finance degree from Minot State. Our degree will prepare you with the knowledge and decision-making skills needed to acquire, invest, and manage money. The job growth in finance continues to grow. The average starting salary is $85,000.

Our finance minor will complement other degrees you may pursue, providing you with knowledge and decision-making skills for acquiring, investing, and managing capital, adding value to any organization you become employed at or start. Our personal finance concentration for non-business majors will introduce you to important lifelong skills such as investments, real estate finance, and insurance and risk management.

We offer a robust selection of minors and concentrations to round out your University education, regardless of the undergraduate degree you choose to receive. Earning one or more of these will bolster your resume.

As you move through your coursework and anticipate graduation, take time to strategize about an internship that will let you apply your skills and knowledge in a professional business/corporate setting. Successfully completing an internship will elevate your resume and give you an advantage when competing for your desired job.