Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS)

Timely degree in today’s technological world
Minot State University’s Master of Science in Information Systems program is designed to develop technologically sophisticated business executives who forecast technology needs, develop information systems infrastructures, manage existing systems, and communicate inter-departmentally. This program provides opportunities for graduates to assume greater management responsibilities within their organizations or to be independent consultants who work through virtual business arrangements.

The MSIS program is designed to support both traditional and emerging career opportunities. The number of available career paths for IS professionals has increased significantly in recent years. Career paths include (but are not limited to):

  • consulting
  • data administration
  • systems integration
  • networking, telecom and infrastructure
  • managing sourcing and global projects
  • consumer products and services
  • project management
  • software development

The career opportunities in Information Systems require students to know both the technology and the business and environment in which they will work. Because the career paths for MS graduates are more varied, the preparation required is both broader and deeper than a traditional undergraduate IS program.

The MSIS program prepares you to:

  • Demonstrate technology skills at a sophisticated level
  • Develop information systems infrastructures
  • Communicate an information systems strategy
  • Provide information systems consulting services

Why This Program?

  • Affordable - reasonably priced online tuition and fees; financial aid is available to qualifying students
  • Delivery - the program is completed entirely online
  • Faculty - all faculty members hold doctoral degrees in their chosen fields
  • Flexible - finish program in as little as two semesters
  • Graduate Student Research Assistantships - research assistantships available
  • Quality - accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education and the Higher Learning Commission

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