MSIS Curriculum

BIT 557 Foundations of Information Assurance and Security - 3 credits
The course surveys the broad field of information assurance and security including core concepts and methods used to secure enterprise systems, networks, and information. You will learn the foundations of business and information security in several contexts, including disruptive technologies, current threats, and security events.

BIT 559 Systems Analysis - 3 credits
Promotes understanding and application of system analysis and modeling processes. Students evaluate and choose appropriate system development methodologies and analyze a system. Students learn the importance of effective communication and integration with users. The course emphasizes interpersonal skill development with clients, users, team members, and others associated with development and operation of an information system.

BIT 560 Manage/Integrate IS Function - 3 credits
An integrative managerial perspective for aligning competitive strategy, core competencies, and information system functions along with technology. Development and implementation of policies and strategies to achieve organizational goals. Defining the systems that support the operational, administrative, and strategic needs of the organization, its business units, individual employees, and external business relationships. Includes global and international issues such as privacy, security, workforce restrictions, and collaboration.

BIT 561 IS Project Management - 3 credits
IS Project management will introduce students to the concepts of managing projects within an organizational context, including the processes related to initiating, planning, executing, controlling, reporting, and closing a project; project integration, scope, time, cost, quality control, and risk management; software size and cost estimation; assigning work to programmer and other teams; monitoring progress; version control; and identifying project champions, working with user teams, training, and documentation.

BIT 563 Database Management and Administration - 3 credits
Promotes understanding of the issues in managing database systems as an essential organizational resource. Students learn the enterprise-data-architecture components, data storage configurations, and information retrieval methods. Expansion from the relational model to the multidimensional model, object-relational techniques, and web accessed data.
Prerequisite: BIT 564

BIT 565 Systems Design - 3 credits
Study of information and application of systems design, implementation, and maintenance methodologies. Students learn that systems design is not merely a ‘technical’ or ‘computer’ activity, but a ‘business’ activity.
Prerequisites: BIT 563 and BIT 564

BIT 566 Knowledge Management - 3 credits
Study of theory and application of the management of organizational knowledge for creating business value and generating a competitive advantage. Focus on how to implement a knowledge management strategy and knowledge management system in an organization Includes infrastructure evaluation; KM system analysis, design, and development; and KM system deployment and assessment.

BIT 570 E-Business Strategy - 3 credits
Covers the fundamental technologies associated with consumer-to-business and business-to-business interaction and delivery of content via the Internet. Discusses contrast between client- versus server-side approaches to database processing and XML, as well as execution of business rules and logic. Includes hands-on experience with the various technologies.

BIT 575 Business Network Systems Management - 3 credits
Develops a managerial level of technical knowledge and terminology for data, voice, image, and video communications and computer networks to effectively communicate with technical, operational and management people in telecommunications. Students are expected to understand and apply data communications concepts to situations encountered in industry; learn general concepts and techniques of data communications; understand the technology of the Internet; and understand the regulatory environment.

BIT 595 Professional Consulting in IS - 3 credits
While consulting with a business, students will integrate the concepts and techniques learned in the MSIS program. Prerequisite: Taken during final semester