President's Club

The MSU President's Club is the most prestigious annual giving group within our university. It's about people who are passionate about MSU, and are truly dedicated to partnering with fellow members to serve our students.

For more information regarding the President's Club and how you can become a member, please contact the MSU Advancement Office at 701-858-4158.

Dr. Steven W. Shirley, Ph.D.
Minot State University President

Member Privileges
President's Club members are an elite group who annually demonstrate strong support for students and Minot State University. Members of this club are entitled to special privileges.

The greatest benefit of the President's Club is the pride you experience knowing your dedication to MSU will make a difference in the lives of students. In appreciation of your generosity, the University extends certain benefits, including

  • Insider newsletters from the President regarding current initiatives and campus happenings
  • Invitation to and recognition at the annual luncheon held during Homecoming week
  • A special recognition gift for fist-time members
  • Recognition in the annual President's Report

President's Club Members
Since 2008, Minot State University has recognized its most generous annual donors by welcoming them into the President’s Club. Membership in the President’s Club is open to all donors making annual contributions totaling $1,000 or more to any area of campus.

David and Kathy Aas
Ryan and Jessica Ackerman
Mike and Kristen Aldrich
Beverly A. Alex
Albee and Karen Allstadt
Jay and Dyanne Altringer
Deb Amon and Cindy Bryan
Nancy B. Andersen
Bucky and Linda Anderson
Don and Joyce Anderson
Erik and Dianna Anderson
Ryan and Hope Anderson
Donald and Carolyn Andrews
Randy and Holly Arneson
Brent and Stacy Askvig
Brian and Joan Backes
Jon and Karla Backes
Roger Backes
Edward W. Baker
Larry and Deborah Baklenko
Jo Anne Balas
Harry and Marina Baughman
Richard and Linda Beall
Doug and Patti Bengson
Kristi-Ann L. Berg
Todd and Carolyn Berning
Wally and Cookie Berning
Mary Lou Bertsch
Lynn and Denise Billadeau
Kevin and Kalli Black
Gregg and Jackie Blikre
Steve and Barb Blikre
Duane W. Block
Byron and Chris Blowers
Judie K. Boehmer
Kevin and Dione Bohl
Nancy G. Boyd
Jody and Lori Braasch
Mike and Gina Brandt
Michael and Sharla Braun
Duane and Jeanne Brekke
Ted and Joan Brinkman
Dale and Vonnie Brown
Frank and Val Bruels
Randy and Jaimie Brunner
Randy and Pat Burckhard
Donald and Jean Burke
Donald J. Busek
Pat and Sandy Butz
Nancy C. Cain Sommers
Jeffrey and Lori Campbell
Rich and Vicky Campbell
John and Nicole Carlson
Andrew and Rena Carter
Shawn C. Chaffin
Daniel and Tracy Christen
William M. Christen
Bill and Diana Christianson
Eric Clausen
Christopher and Natalie Clements
Carol Cook
John and Leslie Coughlin
Jim and Cheryl Croonquist
Kevin and Susan Cross
Charles D. Cunningham
Kathleen B. Cunningham
Richard and Marlene Cygan
Brent and Carol Danks
Jahon Darr Lopez
Josh and Kayla Dascher
Daniel and Tammy Demary
David and Myrna DeMers
Blaine and Kathy DesLauriers
Jay and Sheree Diede
Al and Shirley Dietz
Gerald P. Dilland
John and Barbara Dilland
Duane and Lois Dockter
Bradley Dokken
Josh D. Duhamel
Scott and Darcy Duke
Bock and Terry Eckmann
Todd and Della Erickson
Clay and Beth Feldner
Bob and Jennifer Feller
Jeremy and Jade Feller
Steven and Kari Files
Kim Fink
Grace J. Fisher
John Fishpaw and Kim Krohn
Allen and Janine Focke
Evan J. Forde
Dean and Sara Frantsvog
Thomas and Judy Fredericks
David and Nancy Fuller
Mike and Kathy Gaddie
Lori J. Garnes
Matt and DelRae Geinert
Dusty and Laurie Geller
Chad and Kimberly Gifford
Jason and Heather Gillihan
Richard and Shaun Gleason
Patrick and Risa Glover
Jerry M. Gooch
Gary and Judy Gottschalk
Dave and Dolly Gowan
Brooks and Wanda Grantier
Katie Haarsager
Erik and Julie Haas
Vernon and Marlene Haddeland
Connie R. Hagen
Mary J. Hagenstein
Travis and Brenda Halvorson
Justin and Jamie Hammer
Geraldine K. Hanson
Luther and Diann Hanson
Kevin and Leisa Harmon
Jerome Harstad
Randy Hedberg and Cheryl Hysjulien
Rick and Andrea Hedberg
Travis and Leah Hedberg
Jacquelyn A. Hegstad
Todd and Celeste Heidbreder
Jerry and Sandy Helgeson
Randy and Dot Henke
Chris and Lindsey Henry
Timothy D. Henry
Clint and Renee Hermanson
Michael and Joan Hill
Stanley and Jane Hirst
Marita B. Hoffart
Kelsey and Erin Holt/Holt Insurance Agency
Thomas G. Holum
Gary and Carol Hovdestad
Gwen M. Howard
George and Peggy Hudson
Peter Hugret and Judith Howard
Don and Sherry Hummel
Lynn and Beverly Hummel
Mike and Susan Hummel
Nathanial and Michelle Irmen
Wes Jacobson and Dana Cordova-Jacobson
Jacob and Amy Jenkins
Mark and Bethany Jensen
Monique Jensen
John and Ann Jermiason
Adelaide Johnson
Eric Johnson and Jill Fedje
Sharon M. Johnson
Sharon R. Johnson
Terry and Gail Johnson
Merton and Karen Johnsrud
Pat and Mary Kay Jones
Ann L. Jussero
Paul and Patricia Kaald
James and Staci Kenney
Kent and Chelsea Kirkhammer/Newkota Services & Rentals
John and Carolyn Klovstad
Howard and Melanie Klug
William A. Koering
Terry and Kathy Kolbo
William W. Koponen
Christopher and LaVonne Kraft
Timothy and Christine Kramer
Karen K. Krebsbach
Ron and Duska LaCount
Jay and Denise Landsiedel
Patrick B. Landsiedel
Phyllis Landsiedel
Dan and Jeri Langemo
Troy and Linda Langmaack
Ronald D. Larson
James and Tammy Lawson
Daniel and Amy Lee
Andrew and Teal Leraas
L. M. Lillehaugen
Audrey R. Lilly
Pat and Jackie Limke
Paula D. Lindekugel-Willis
Amanda Lindstrom
JoAnn K. Linrud
Steve and Trini Lipp
Darrel and Teresa Loftesnes
Whitney K. Loftesnes
Richard and Gloria Lokken
Hugh and Deeann Long
Roger and Ann Looyenga
Bruce Lovdahl and Glenda Berry-Lovdahl
Phil and Karol Lowe
Karen L. Lund
Audrey Lunday
Jarid and Lynn Lundeen
Donna M. Luther
Steve and Kari Lysne
Timothy and Vanessa Lystad
Marlys A. Magnuson
Lester and Taryce Malnaa
Claude and Gwenlyn Marsh
Randy and Sheri Martin
Warren and Bonita Martin
Wayne and Della Martinsen
Michael L. Massine
Todd and Janet Mathistad
Dale and Kay Mattern
Doug Mattson and Penny Miller
Joan L. Mattson
Bob and Kathy Mau
Steven and Jennifer McDonald
Brian McIntyre
Jim and Peggy McIntyre
Tami J. McNally
Gayne and Barbara Meiers
John and Jean Meiers
Tim and Laura Mihalick
Jeff and Peggy Miller
Cathy E. Monroe
Jim and Kim Montgomery
Margaret A. Moore
Carol Moore Cook
Peggy A. Morris
Mark and Holly Mosser
Bill and Leslie Mowbray
Matt and Chelsie Murken
Jeff and Heather Myers
Alison G. Myhra
Don Negaard and Jennifer Hunter
Kelly G. Nehring
Robert and Patricia Nelson
Sandra J. Nelson-Olzweski
Kelly and Maria Nesheim
Mark and Noel Nesheim
Kevin and Cynthia Neuharth
Max E. Niesar
John and Cheryl Nilsen
Sharon A. Nolte
Jack and Colette Nybakken
Jerry and Debra Oberholtzer
Carl F. Obert
David and Kathleen Olson
Dwight and Lana Olson
Linda A. Olson
Rodney and Marcia Olson
Tim and Kathy Peil
Lawrence and Vida Mae Petersen
John and Rebecca Petrik
Ted and Dolly Pfau
Walter and Becky Piehl
Steve and Kim Pinnow
Stephan and Susan Podrygula
Tom and Mary Probst
Mary B. Quandt
John M. Quie
Harold and Diana Randall
Jacqueline L. Reep-Jarmin
Roberta J. Rieder-Arnt
Jeff and Tammy Risk
Tim and Gigi Roach
Dale and Nicola Roed
Lowell and Carole Romfo
Rod Romine
Scott and Trudy Ruland
James and Joanne Rumpler
Nell E. Sander
Robert Sando
Mark and Gloria Sanford
John and Wendy Schaffer
Lynn Scharbow
Chad and Angela Schnaible
Edward and Linda Schnaible
Deborah R. Schultz
John and Laurie Schwan
Donald and Arveda Selk
Paula J. Selland
Marv and Barb Semrau
Clint Severson and Conni Ahart
Elma O. Severson
Tom and Anita Seymour
Deborah L. Sheldon
Steven and Jennifer Shirley
Joe and Nancy Siefried
Larry and Patty Silver
Greg Simonson
Kyle and Angela Simonson
Shawn J. Sjoblom
Robert and Jo Ann Skabo
Nedra J. Sluke
Darryl and Kathy Smette
Derek and Aili Smith
Tim and Lynn Smith
Paul and Jacqy Soderberg
Mary Lou Soukup
Dale Spartz and Shelley Erickson
Brent Srejma
Jim and Sandra Stai
Ryan and Karina Stander
Holly Steer
Lacey D. Stevick
Quentin Stevick
Shane and Jacy Stolem
Arnie and Sigrid Strebe
Phillip and Jessica Streccius
Paul and Pamela Stroklund
Richard and Stephanie Strom
Donald D. Tank
Larry D. Taylor
Brock and Tifany Teets
Paul and Sherri Tefft
John W. Theisen
George and Sandra Thelen
Madison E. Thompson
Cedric Thornton
Roger and Michelle Tollefson
Chuck and Linda Tompkins
Arne and Margaret Totdahl
Michael and Kristi Toy
Burton and Gwendolyn Traub
John Travis
Megan Trout
Darrik and Betsy Trudell
Don and Bonnie Trueblood
Curtis and Irva Undlin
Tim and Allison Vallely
Todd and Heidi Van Dusen
Mike and Peggy Vandall
Mike and Dee Vanhove
Jeffrey and Janelle Verhey
Jason and Alana Vollmer
Nathaniel and Christina Wagner
Larry and Edwina Wahlund
Don and Deb Wahus
Bruce and Diane Walker
David and Laurie Weber
Angela D. Weir
Brock and Glenda Weppler
Richard K. Westlake
Pat and ReNae Wheeler
Tom and Karin Will
Del Rae Williams
Lorraine J. Willoughby
Jack and Suzanne Wilson
James and Rosie Winczewski
Brent and Shelley Winiger
Steven L. Wood
Kevin and Annette Wurgler
Kevin and Renae Yale
Terry and Ann Zeltinger
Marvin and Colleen Zerr
Jason and Dusty Zimmerman

A-1 Evans Septic Tank Service
Ackerman-Estvold Engineering and Management Consulting, Inc.
Allstate Insurance - Kim Albert Agency
Artz Insurance Agency, Inc.
B & B Insulation LLP
Beall Law Office, PLLC
Boppre Law Firm
Brady Martz & Associates, PC
Bremer Bank
Burger King
Chippewa Resource, Inc.
City of Minot
Clean Tech
Clarion Hotel & Convention Center
Community Rocks, Inc.
Dacotah Bank
Dakota Rattlers Wrestling Club
Dakota Square Arco
Darrell and Joann Henry Estate
Delta Kappa Gamma - Nu Chapter
Don Bessette Motors, Inc.
Eck Foundation
Edson and Margaret Larson Foundation
Enbridge Pipelines ND
Enerbase Cooperative Resources
Farstad Oil, Inc.
First International Bank & Trust
First Western Bank & Trust
Gate City Bank
Gertrude Eck Scholarship Trust
Hess Corporation
Homesteaders Restaurant
I. Keating, Inc.
Integrity Viking Funds
Investors Management & Marketing, Inc.
Jerome’s Collision Center
JLG Architects
Kiwanis Club of Minot
KMG Holdings, Inc.
Magic City Lions
Marketplace Foods
Maysa Arena
McGee, Hankla & Backes, PC
Minot Area Community Foundation
Minot Country Club
Minot Daily News
Minot Hockey Boosters
Minot Junior Golf Association
Minot Junior Volleyball Club
Minot Model Alumni Association
Minot Restaurant Supply
Minot Soccer Association
Minot Wrestling Booster Club
Minot’s Finest Collision Center
Montana-Dakota Utilities
Morelli Distributing
Mowbray & Son Plumbing & Heating, Inc.
MSU Alumni Association
MSU Staff Senate
National Geographic Society
Newman Signs, Inc.
North Dakota Guaranty & Title, Co.
Peoples State Bank
Perkins Restaurant
Power of 1
Prairie Grit Adaptive Sports
Preferred Restaurant Group, Inc.
Rockstar Real Estate, Inc.
Ryan Family Dealerships, Inc.
Sertoma Club of Minot
Sisters of St. Francis
SRT Communications, Inc.
St. Joseph’s Community Health Foundation
The Learning Tree
Thor Nelson Insurance Agency LLC
Three Affiliated Tribes
Tires Only, Inc.
Tires Plus
Tollefson’s Retail Group
Tom and Frances Leach Foundation, Inc.
Town & Country Insurance Agency, LLC
Trilogy, LLC
Trinity Health
United Community Bank of North Dakota
Universal Athletic
Vallely Sport & Marine
Vardon Golf Club
Verendrye Electric Coop.
Vibeto Orthodontics, PC
Wells Fargo
Western ND Golf, Inc.
Xcel Energy