Endowed Memorial Scholarships

All of us have benefited from "special" people in our lives. People who have been there when they were needed, and have made a significant difference in our lives. This list often includes parents, grandparents, teachers, coaches, brothers, sisters, etc.

We often wonder how we might do something special for these individuals to memorialize their names and memory forever. One way is to establish an endowed memorial scholarship in their name. Such a scholarship is an outstanding way to provide a lasting memory for that special person in your life with a gift that keeps on giving.

The actual amount of the scholarship can vary depending upon your wishes and the size of the scholarship you wish to establish. We will work with you to structure a scholarship that truly memorializes that special person in your life. Careful and prudent investing of the principal will insure that the interest earnings will be more than sufficient to offset the cost of the annual scholarship while still realizing modest growth. As a result, the principal will experience growth, and in future years, the scholarship can increase to keep pace with inflation. By doing so, the scholarship will always remain current and the principal will never be touched. This gift is truly a gift that keeps on giving. Your loved one will be memorialized forever. The scholarship will benefit future generations of students yet unborn.