Outright Gifts of Cash

Outright gifts of cash provide immediate unrestricted support to Minot State University. For many, the ease of cash or a personal check made payable to the MSU Development Foundation is the preferred method of giving. Should you desire to establish a monthly or quarterly schedule of giving, MasterCard and Visa are also available. Should you select to restrict your gift to specific programs or educational purpose (e.g. athletics, scholarships, departments, etc.) please indicate this with your gift.

You can deduct cash gifts to Minot State University in the year they are donated, generally up to 50% of adjusted gross income. In the succeeding five years, you may claim any deductions exceeding your maximum permitted deductions in the year of the gift.

You can send your donations to 500 University Ave W, Minot, ND 58707 or for more information, call the office at 701-858-3399.