Faculty & Staff Information

Campus procedures for hiring student employees

Payments to Foreign Individuals/Companies
9/5/6 Rule Form [pdf]
Employee vs. Ind. Contractor Determination-IRS Guidelines
Foreign National Information Form [pdf]
Chart for Determining Payments to Foreign Nationals [pdf]
Checklist for Honorarium to Foreign National [pdf]
Checklist for Travel Reimbursement to Foreign National [pdf]
Foreign Source Income Form-Individual [pdf]
Foreign Source Income Form-Company/Corp [pdf]
Form 8233 [pdf]
W-7 Form [pdf]
W-8 BEN Form (for Individuals) [pdf]
W-8 BEN-E Form (for Comp./Corp.) [pdf]
W-9 Form [pdf]
Honorarium & Travel Reimbursement Payment Information [pdf]
Regulations of Non-immigrant Visa Holder Work Hours [pdf]
Foreign Student Certification for Business Related Reimbursement [pdf]
Prizes/Awards/Travel Reimbursement - Student Tax Information [pdf]

Grants & Contracts
Specific Unallowable Costs [pdf]
Sample Budget
Effort Certifications

Purchasing Card
Appeal Form [pdf]
Application & Use Agreement [pdf - Adobe Acrobat required for electronic submission]
Credit Limit Increase Request [pdf - Adobe Acrobat required for electronic submission]
   — Purchasing Card Policy-NDUS, Purchasing Card Procedure-NDUS [pdf]
JP Morgan PaymentNet Quick Reference Card [pdf]
Purchasing Card Record

Important Travel Information [pdf]
Mileage Information
Policy 505 - Reimbursement for Meals and Lodging [pdf]
Per Diem Rates - see: www.gsa.gov/perdiem
Travel and Expense User Guide [pdf]
Travel and Expense Approver User Guide [pdf]
Travel and Expense Quick Reference Guide [pdf]
Travel Authorization Form [pdf]
Travel - Student Group Meal Advance [xls]
Travel Summary Worksheet [fillable pdf]
Travel Worksheet - Employee [pdf]
Travel Worksheet - Nonemployee/Student [pdf]
Travel and Expense Fluid Quick Reference Guide [pdf]
Travel and Expense Fluid User Guide [pdf]
Fluid Expense Training Video

Policy & Procedures
Advertising Policy
Agreement for Off-Campus Equip Use [pdf]
Allowable and Unallowable Expenditures [pdf]
Annual Budget Request Process
Annual Leave Policy [pdf]
Bank accounts: University-affiliated organizations [pdf]
Code of Conduct Policy [pdf]
Credit Card Procedures [pdf]
Deposits of Checks & Cash [pdf]
Employee Responsibility and Activities: Theft, Fraud, Abuse & Waste [pdf]
Identity Theft Prevention Program (Red Flag Rules) [pdf]
Late Fee Notice
Moving Expense Reimbursement Form [pdf]
Purchasing Policies and Procedures [pdf]
Record Retention Policy
Search Committee Guidelines Policy [pdf]
Spouse & Dependent Tuition Waiver Policy & Procedures
Spouse & Dependent Tuition Waiver Form
Taking University Equipment Home
Tuition Waivers and Tution Assistance/Release Time for Employees

All pay records are due in the Business Office on the 16th AND 1st of each month or if that day falls on a holiday or weekend, the first working day following that date.