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Tuition Waivers/Tuition Assistance and Release Time for Employees

To complete an employee tuition waiver/assistance form log into HRMS Self Service>MiSU logo>MISU Employee Forms>Initiate a Tuition Waiver Form.

I. Section 820 of the North Dakota State Board of Higher Education Policy Manual and Section 33 of the North Dakota University System Human Resource Policy Manual provide that university employees may receive a tuition, technology fee, and college fee waiver for no more than three "for-credit" academic classes per calendar year. The employee is responsible for some charges such as the Connect ND fee and special course fees.

II. All benefited employees may be allowed release time from their regular duties for the purpose of enrolling in one academic class per semester. A supervisor grants release time as long as it does not interfere with the essential work of the institution (up to a maximum of three hours per work week).

III. The waiver is applicable for Distance Education courses normally offered by the Center for Extended Learning and include classes such as online, IVN and correspondence.

IV. MSU employees should complete an "Employee Tuition Waiver Request" form when requesting a tuition waiver for an academic class. The form must be signed/approved by the supervisor and the MSU Business Office.

V. The employee, like all other students, is responsible for registering for his/her own class(es). Likewise, the employee is responsible for dropping or withdrawing from his/her class(es).

To avoid paying for a course or to be able to take the class again using a tuition waiver, the class must be dropped by the end of the 100% refund period. See published schedule when term is less than the standard length (i.e., summer).

If an employee does not retain a minimum of one course, the employee must complete the withdrawal process with the Financial Aid Office. The employee’s portion (e.g., ConnectND fee and special course fee) of his/her financial obligation will be based on the published withdrawal dates and percentage.

VI. Regular staff employees are not eligible for a rest period (break) during the morning or afternoon in which they attend class. For example, if an employee uses release time to attend a class from 8 to 9 am, the employee is not eligible for a morning rest period that day.

VII. MSU will waive tuition and most fees for a maximum of twelve semester hours per employee per calendar year for classes taken at MSU.

For classes taken at another NDUS campus MSU will provide tuition assistance of 50% of the tuition only. The employee is responsible for 50% of the tuition and all fees.

VIII. Tuition and fees will not be waived by the university more than once for the same class, unless the class was approved for a previous term but dropped by the employee prior to the end of the 100% refund period