Advertising Policy

Information and promotional materials generated by Minot State University departments and organizations can be distributed via campuswide e-mail and through intracampus mail.

Advertising and promotional information generated by entities and organizations that are unrelated to Minot State University cannot be distributed using campuswide e-mail as per N.D. State University System guidelines regarding use of equipment for private or for-profit activities.

Minot State University does allow entities and organizations unrelated to MSU to distribute promotional materials via intracampus mail to departmental and residence hall mailboxes if the following guidelines are met:

  1. All materials must be distributed through the university Post Office.
  2. The flier, brochure, etc. must advertise something of direct benefit to MSU personnel and/or students.
  3. The originating business or organization may choose to distribute to campus personnel (administration, faculty and staff) and/or students who reside in the residence halls. A sufficient number of the promotional piece must be provided so that all campus personnel and/or students have the opportunity to receive the information.
    1. The number required for distribution to MSU personnel is 400. The materials will be distributed by directing the appropriate number of pieces in a departmental mailbox in correlation to the number of employees (part-time, temporary, and student employees are excluded in this count).
    2. The total number required for distribution to students in the residence halls is 410. This quantity must be separated into the amount indicated and labeled for each residence hall:
      • Cook Hall 70
      • Crane Hall 68
      • Lura Manor 106
      • McCulloch Hall 79
      • Campus Heights 36
      • Pioneer Hall 43
      • University Heights 8
  4. A service fee of $25 will be charged for distribution. This fee is charged because cost is incurred by using MSU personnel for the distribution process. The fee must be paid when the materials intended for delivery are provided to the Post Office.