MSU's College of Arts and Sciences Two Minute Lecture Series

Tuebinger Hausbuch Freie Kuenste
The Seven Liberal Arts.

Welcome to the MSU Two-Minute Lecture Series, sponsored by the College of Arts and Sciences. In this series, MSU professors, with passion and enthusiasm, present their knowledge about individual research and creative interests. The challenge is the two-minute format—shorter is not easier. Our goal is to promote the intellectual environment of the college as well as stimulate learning. And to have some fun.

Since the birth of the medieval universities in the 13th century CE, students have been schooled in the Seven Liberal Arts, broken into two separate categories of study: the trivium—logic, grammar, and rhetoric, and the quadrivium—mathematics, geometry, music, and astronomy. Today these 'Seven Roads' remain the essential center of a university education. At Minot State University as elsewhere across the nation and the world, they comprise our College of Arts and Sciences, and we are rightly proud of not only keeping with the learned traditions established as essential in the Middle Ages, but of expanding them to include the plastic arts, theater, broadcasting, and by extension, Education and Business too. In order to reach out to students and others in celebration of our Liberal Arts Heritage at MSU, we offer a series of short introductions to the many topics students meet while traveling the Seven Roads and beyond.

Where: The "Curved Wall" in the Beaver Creek Café

When: 12:30 p.m., the Second and last Wednesday of each month, both terms.


2017-18 Two Minute Lecture Series Lineup!

2016-17 Two Minute Lectures