College Initiatives and NDUS Cornerstones

Annual Initiatives for the CAS:

  • To increase enrollment and improve student relations (e.g., retention and advisement) and general education. (In relation to NDUS Cornerstones 1, 2, 3, 4)
  • To increase external resources/partnerships to support faculty development and student scholarship. (In relation to NDUS Cornerstones 1, 2, 5, 4)
  • To promote diversity, service learning, and international education/exchange (In relation to NDUS Cornerstones 1, 2, 3, 6)
  • To enhance the College IQ=Identity & Quality: Academic excellence and accountability (i.e., assessment/program review/re-accreditation). (In relation to NDUS Cornerstones 2, 3, 6)

North Dakota University System Cornerstones

Cornerstone 1: Economic Development Connection - Direct connections and contributions of the University System to the economic growth and social vitality of North Dakota.

Cornerstone 2: Education Excellence - High quality education and skill development opportunities which prepare students to be personally and professionally successful, readily able to advance and change careers, be life-long learners, good citizens, leaders, and knowledgeable contributing members of an increasingly global and multi-cultural society.

Cornerstone 3: Flexible and Responsive System - A University System environment which is responsive to the needs of its various clients and is flexible, empowering, competitive, entrepreneurial, and rewarding.

Cornerstone 4: Accessible System - A University System that is proactively accessible to all areas of North Dakota and seeks students and customers from outside the state. It provides students, business, industry, communities, and citizens with access to educational programs, workforce training opportunities, and technology access and transfer – and does so with the same performance characteristics as described in the “Flexible and Responsive System” Cornerstone.

Cornerstone 5: Funding and Rewards - A system of funding, resource allocation, and rewards which assures quality and is linked to the expressed high priority needs and expectations of the University System – assures achievement of the expectations envisioned.

Cornerstone 6: Sustaining the Vision - A structure and process which assures the University System for the 21st century, as described by these cornerstones, remains connected, understood, relevant, and accountable to the present and future research, education, and public service needs of the state and its citizens – sustaining the vision.