Student FAQs

I forgot to schedule my test. Can I still take it at Access Services?

Access Services exists to accommodate students with disabilities. Our office works hard to ensure that your specific accommodations are set up correctly for you. This involves making sure the necessary resources are available and that your professor has had time to provide the test to Access Services. Due to these factors, the Access services testing center requires students to schedule three business days in advance via Starfish. If the testing window has passed, there are three options:

  1. You can ask the professor to take the test later and schedule an appointment with Access Services.
  2. The instructor can provide accommodations within the department if he/she/they is willing and able to do so.
  3. You may take the test without accommodations.

Do I need to reapply for Access Services every semester if I want accommodations?

Yes! At Access Services, we value your privacy. Your accommodations letter will only be shared with the faculty you specify. For this reason, we require renewal of accommodations.

Renew Accommodations

Is there a deadline to apply to Access Services?

No, there is no deadline, but accommodations are not retroactive. In addition, exams and quizzes scheduled with Access Services need to be set up three business days in advance. For this reason, students are highly encouraged to contact Access Services as soon as possible.

I need flexibility, but the due dates to my assignments have already passed. Does flexibility apply to previous assignments?

No, it does not. Flexibility accommodations apply once the flexibility plan has been sent out to the faculty. Students must fill out the flexibility form, engage in an interactive process with Access Services, and approve of their flexibility plan before it is sent out to faculty. For this reason, students needing flexibility are highly encouraged to set up flexibility as early as possible.

I have an accommodation approved on my letter but my professor says that it is not allowable in the course. What should I do?

Please contact and explain the situation. Access Services will then reach out to the professor regarding the accommodation.

Is the Minot State web page accessible?

Minot State adheres to the AA web content accessibility guidelines. Anyone needing help with accessibility extensions or web accessibility questions is encouraged to contact Anton Huether at

What documentation is needed for Access Services?

A letter stating diagnosis on letterhead from a medical or mental health professional or a letter from a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor would be appropriate documentation. If you are having trouble obtaining documentation, please contact for further guidance.

Can my parents apply for accommodations for me?

Access Services recognizes the pivotal role that parents play in a student’s life. However, Minot State must keep your privacy protected as you now own the rights to your medical and academic information. If you wish, family members can certainly be a part of your meetings with Access Services, however, information cannot be shared without your explicit permission.

My tests and or quizzes are on blackboard, do I need to take them at Access Services?

If your course does not require a proctor, then your faculty can submit your extra time into the online portal and you can take the test independently. Those needing a proctor are asked to schedule three business days in advance with Access Services or in the department if they are able to accommodate.

What should I do if I do not agree with a decision Access Services has made?

Individuals that have met with the Access Services coordinator and do not feel that their needs have been accommodated are asked to contact Heather Martin first. Heather is the director of the Academic Support Center and the immediate supervisor to Kelli Sem. If you do not feel satisfied after meeting with Heather, you can contact Laurie Geller, the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

I applied for access Services but I need additional accommodations. What should I do?

For changes to your accommodation letter, please schedule an appointment with Kelli Sem using this Starfish link.