Faculty FAQs

Why do I have so many students in my class requesting accommodations?

Access Services has seen an increase in individuals applying for accommodations. This is due to many factors including increased mental health awareness and the challenges following a pandemic. Some classes will have more students needing accommodations than others as Access Services is dependent on students’ self-disclosure.

I received an updated accommodation letter. Should I have been implementing those accommodations all year long?

No, students’ needs change throughout the semester and they may request changes to their accommodation letter. These changes become active once the letter has been sent to you.

I do not agree with an accommodation approved on the Access Services letter. What should I do?

As an instructor you are highly encouraged to contact Access Services to address your concerns. Access Services is tasked with providing reasonable accommodations and instructors cannot deny accommodations without first talking to Access Services. Please do not tell the student the accommodation isn’t allowable, but first talk to access services about the accommodation.