Accreditation and Assessment

The accrediting body of the Teacher Education Unit at Minot State University, CAEP (the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation), requires Education Preparation Providers to disseminate information annually to the public, prospective teacher candidates, policymakers, the media, and CAEP. This information falls into two broad categories: 1. Program Impact (the performance of completers once employed), 2. Program Outcome and Consumer Information (yardsticks that states and policymakers will find useful).

Minot State University offers two pathways to initial teacher licensure (a stand-alone license which permits a teacher candidate to gain employment in a P-12 school) with the state of North Dakota. First, we offer B.S.Ed. undergraduate degrees in a variety of programs (mathematics, English, special education, and early childhood education, to name a few). We also offer an M.S. in Special Education, which can lead to initial licensure. The categories below are labeled either "Undergraduate" or "Graduate" to indicate which degree level the presented data represents.

Measures of Program Impact, 2023 - on

Impact that candidates' teaching has on P-12 learning and development - Undergraduate




Indicators of Teaching Effectiveness - Undergraduate

Indicators of Content Knowledge - Initial

Indicators of Pedigogical Knowledge - Initial

Indicators of Application of Professional Dispositions

Indicators of Teaching Effectiveness - Graduate

Indicators of Content Knowledge - Advanced

Indicators of Pedogogical Knowledge - Advanced

Indicators of Application of Professional Dipsositions Survey Data