Study abroad programs return with 2023 central European tour

MINOT, N.D. - The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted most aspects of our lives — travel included. After over a two-year hiatus, the Minot State Office of International Programs is excited to welcome back study abroad programs, including a central European tour open for anyone to attend in May 2023.

In March of 2020, 41 students had plans to pursue educational opportunities abroad in places across four continents. Libby Claerbout, Director of International Programs, has navigated the changes in travel policies and restrictions since the beginning and is happy to return to a more normal scope of work.

“It feels amazing that travel in general is opening back up post-pandemic,” she said. “Study abroad provides profound, high‐impact learning that enhances students’ overall university experience. Plus, it is a ton of fun.”

Travel ventures have already taken place within the year with several students completing terms abroad this past summer. One of these students was individualized studies major Alayzia McLeod who attended Veritas University in San Jose, Costa Rica. Focusing in Spanish and premedical sciences at Minot State, she took Holistic Health Approaches, Beginner Spanish for Healthcare Professions which aligned with her degree interests perfectly. She also went rafting, went ziplining, tried lots of local eats, visited Arenal Volcano and La Fortuna Waterfall, and practiced her Spanish with local San Jose residents.

“It was a wonderful experience,” McLeod said. “I loved both classes, I had great instructors, and I learned a lot.”

The University has many opportunities available for future travel plans. The MSU Alumni Association will host an eight-day “Castles and Cathedrals” Rhine River cruise in October 2023 featuring six guided tours across four countries. Read this ARTICLE for more information.

In addition to all of the regular study abroad OPTIONS students have the option to pursue, the Honors Program and the Division of Performing Arts have teamed up with the Office of International Programs to offer a central European TOUR. The tour will visit sites such as Mozart’s home in Salzburg, Austria, the State Opera House and Czech Museum of Music in Prague, Czech Republic, and even an overnight near Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany. Participants will also have several free days and evenings to explore on their own. All students, faculty, alumni, and community members are welcome to attend the tour which will take place May 16-27, 2023. The final application deadline is January 20, 2023.

“Prague, Vienna, and Salzburg are tied to so many traditions in Western Art music, not to mention the architecture, art, beautiful landscapes, food, and culture,” said Erik Anderson, Division of Performing Arts chair. “There is value for music students specifically, but really for any student of history and culture. Prague to Vienna is right on the line between traditions of East and West.”

“One of the goals of the Honors Program is to engage with diverse perspectives in order to cultivate cultural competence and an appreciation of differences,” added Honors Program Director Jessica Smestad. “Music is an important part of any culture, often reflecting its values, traditions, and history. Therefore, it seemed a natural fit to partner with our Music department for this trip.”

Each of the participating programs will provide learning experiences catered towards two classes:  Music 496 — Music History Study Tour and Honors 499 — Honors Special Topics. Coursework will focus on intercultural communication between the European countries and the United States and will feature several music lectures and performances. Current students who attend have the opportunity to earn college credit, participants who hold a bachelor’s degree can earn professional development graduate credit, or participants can audit these courses.

“This study tour will be rich in renaissance history, music and culture and will allow participants to explore some of Europe's most beautiful cities and breathtaking natural scenery,” said Claerbout.

Visit the Minot State Office of International Programs WEBSITE to learn more, and submit APPLICATIONS to by January 20, 2023.

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Published: 11/04/22   

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