Articulation Agreements and Memoranda of Understanding/Agreement

PDF documents


MSU and AU-ABC Criminal Justice Agreement
MSU and AU-ABC General Studies Agreement
MSU and AU-ABC BAS in Applied Business Information Technology Agreement
MSU and BSC Nursing Articulation Agreement (renew 2020)
MSU and DCB Memorandum of Understanding (renew 2022) [Includes bachelor degree plans for Early Childhood Education, Physical Education, Social Science Education, Elementary Education Grades K-6, Elementary Education Grades 1-6, Corporate Fitness, and Athletic Training]
MSU and DCB Nursing Articulation Agreement (renew 2020)
MSU and DSU Master of Education MOU (renew 2021)
MSU and LRSC Nursing Articulation Agreement (renew 2020)
MSU and LRSC Peace Officer Training MOU (review each spring)
MSU and LRSC Sign Language Studies Articulation Agreement (renew annual 2017-18)
MSU and MAFB MOU (renew annually--2018)
MSU and Michigan Department of Education MOU - Deaf and Hard of Hearing Endorsement Consortium Program (2019-2024)
MSU and MSU Foundation MOU (renew 2019)
MSU and NDSCS Nursing Articulation Agreement (renew 2023)
MSU and NDSU Social Work MOA (review annually--signed 2016)
MSU and Three Affiliated Tribes Head Start MOU (renew annual--2018-2019)
MSU and Trinity Health Agreement - Nursing for the Future 2016-2021
MSU and TMCC and DCB Criminal Justice MOU (renew 2016)
MSU and WSC Nursing Articulation Agreement (renew 2020 or 2021)
MSU and WSC Social Work Articulation Agreement (renew 2020)
MSU at BSC Memorandum of Understanding (review annually)

Statewide Early Childhood Articulation Agreement (renew 2021)
Statewide Nursing Articulation Agreement (renew 2018)
Northern Information Technology Consortium (review annually, signed 2017)

Link to International Partnerships

Briercrest College and Seminary. Dual degree memoranda of agreement:
» General MOU (renew 2024) (updates to individualized programs in progress)
» Bachelor of Science, Addiction Studies (renew 2017)
» Bachelor of Science, Communication Disorders (renew 2017)
» Bachelor of Science, Social Work (renew 2017)
» Bachelor of Science, Education (renew 2017)

Lethbridge College. Dual degree memorandum of understanding:
» Bachelor of Science, Business Information Technology (renew 2017)

Aalborg University
» General MOU (renew 2018)
» Student exchange addendum (renew 2018)

» Japan College of Foreign Languages (renew 2015) Transfer articulation agreement.

Study Abroad Agreement
» Florence School of Fine Arts (renew 2021)

Arctic University of Norway- Harstad campus
» General MOU (renew every 5 years 2016)
» Student exchange addendum (renew every 5 years 2016)
» Social Work: field experience addendum (renew every 5 years 2016)

University College of Southeast Norway- Bø campus
» General MOU (renew every 5 years 2018)
» Student exchange addendum (renew every 5 years 2018)

University of Lodz
» General MOU (renew every year 2017-2018)  
» Graduate certificate in Management Concepts (renew every year - renewed through 2019)

SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities
» General MOU (renew 2020)

Kristianstad University
» General MOU (renew every 5 years 2023)
» Student exchange addendum (renew every 3 years 2021)

MingDao University
» MSU and MingDao University MOU (renew 2022)