Advanced Study Awards

This program provides financial assistance to those faculty or staff pursuing coursework for degree programs or in skill areas deemed critical to the University. Funding can assist with book expenses and/or tuition.

Applications are reviewed and determined by President's Staff. Minot State University’s Advanced Study Grant awards are determined through an examination of the nature of the course/degree as it aligns with the institution’s mission. Preference will be given to areas which conform to the specific needs and strategic plan of Minot State University.

Advanced Study Grant application is located here.

*** Application Deadline for 2019-2020: October 11, 2019 ***

Congratulations to the 2018-19 Advanced Study Grant Recipients

Name: Department:
 Ashley Gilstad  NDCPD
 Carla Davis  Center for Extended Learning
 David A. Frantsvog  Accounting and Finance
 Evan Borisinkoff  Special Education 
 Heidi Peterson  Student Health
 Jeanne MacDonald  Business Administration
 Jennifer Malachowski  College of Business 
 Jennifer Sherman  Mathematics and Computer Science
 Kate Murphy  NDCPD
 Katherine Tyler  Enrollment Services
 Kelly Prellwitz  NDCPD
 Mark Lyman  Division of Humanities
 Mary E Huston  Communication Disorders
 Melissa Fettig  Student Health, Counseling & Access Services
 Rebecca Foster  NDCPD
 Robyn Walker  Communication Disorders
 Tawnya Bernsdorf  Business Administration 
 Tracey Mays  Business Administration