Student Travel

The Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs has limited funds available to partially support the travel of students who are:

  1. presenting research/creative activities at conferences and meetings (e.g., oral presentation, poster presentation);
  2. traveling to participate in an academic competition; or
  3. traveling to participate in other academic-related events (e.g., field trips).

In order to qualify for this support, students must be presenting, competing, or actively participating at a recognized meeting, competition, or other academic function in their discipline or field of creative activity. Simply attending a conference does not count as active participation. In addition, applicants must first seek funding from departments and include the additional funding sources and amounts on the Student Travel Request Form.

Note: Funding requests are limited to one request per fiscal year up to $500 per student. All student travel and related reimbursements must comply with Minot State University's policies.

Deadlines: The Student Travel Committee will review all requests according to the deadlines given below. Funding requests will only be considered at the following times and must be at least 3 weeks in advance of the event.

  • Fall Semester: September 1 and October 15
  • Spring Semester: February 1 and March 15
  • Summer Session: May 1

Please complete Student Travel Request Form to apply for funding.

Student Travel Committee

The Student Travel Committee meets each semester to review student travel applications and determine funding, and to review and revise policies and procedures related to student travel that are within the purview of the committee. 

The Student Travel Committee includes the following members (2 students, one staff member, one faculty member, and VPAA):

  • Ameila Hamman, Student Member
  • Kaitlin Walker, Student Member
  • Dr. Terry Eckmann, Teacher Education and Kinesiology, Faculty Member
  • Michael Linnell, University Communications, Staff Member
  • Dr. Erik Kana, Assistant VP for Academic Affairs (ex officio)

The members of the committee are selected by the presidents of their respective governing bodies (i.e., Faculty Senate President, Staff Senate President, and SGA President).