The Staff Senate Scholarship helped me buy a book and additional supplies. It was such a help to my education, and I am forever grateful. - Linda Conn, former employee, IT Central


The Staff Senate Scholarship is given out each spring to an MSU classified employee or their immediate family member who is continuing their education in order to meet their future career goals.

Please consider giving to the Classified Employee Endowment Fund during this year's Faculty and Staff Giving Campaign. You can make a lump sum contribution or establish a monthly payroll deduction by contacting the Advancement Office.

Apply for the Staff Senate Scholarship
Download the Scholarship Criteria & Application [pdf]
Deadline: Friday, December 10, 2021 at 4 p.m.

What is the Classified Employee Endowment Fund?
The Minot State University Staff Senate established the Classified Employee Endowment Fund to support and represent the classified staff and their families for educational, professional development and special projects.

Initially, the Staff Senate surveyed staff members to receive input on developing a scholarship for classified employees and their immediate family members. The Staff Senate received numerous positive responses from the survey. Upon further investigation, new insight came to light regarding establishing an endowment fund for the Staff Senate to use for other programs, as well as scholarships.

Some examples of how the endowment income could be used are: scholarships for classified employees and immediate family members, campus-wide seminars, campus-wide training sessions and special projects (i.e. picnic bench dedicated to classified employee, etc.). The beauty of this fund is the classified employees could choose each year where the money would be spent.

For more information
Contact your Staff Senate representative or the Staff Senate President.