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The Staff Senate is established to be a representative body of Minot State University's classified employees. The senate will strive to promote communication between the president, other administrators, and the classified staff. The senate will also serve the needs of the classified employees and act as a source of information concerning those needs and other issues.  

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Dr. Shirley Job Swap Fundraiser

Minot State Staff Senate is excited to announce Minot State President Dr. Steven Shirley will be doing a job swap with a member of the MSU staff as a fundraiser. There are three jobs available for him to do for a two-hour period:

  • Building Custodian (Claudia Paulson)
  • Administrative Assistant (Jana Schultz)
  • Coach (Michael Brandt)

Your job is to put money in the jar in any form (coins, dollar bills, or $100 bills). The jar with the most money is the winner, and Dr. Shirley will do that job alongside the professional in that position.

Members of the Minot State community will have several opportunities to save their money, empty their pockets, or pick up change off the ground for this event. The opening event will be at the MSU women’s basketball game Dec. 5 in the Minot State Dome at 11:30 a.m. Watch public information for pop up events when you can deplete your savings account and add to the jars. Your vote counts as long as you put your stash of cash in one jar or all of them, so smash that piggy bank or simply go to your bank and withdraw some cash.