The Staff Senate is established to be a representative body of Minot State University's classified employees. The senate will strive to promote communication between the president, other administrators, and the classified staff. The senate will also serve the needs of the classified employees and act as a source of information concerning those needs and other issues.  

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Staff Senate Raffle
It's a week of winning! Thank you to everyone who bought a ticket to support Staff Senate. There are daily winners though the rest of the week for a total of 20 prizes, please check the Staff Senate website each day for a complete list with the Grand Prize announcement on Friday. Congratulations to today's winners and good luck to everyone the rest of the week!

Friday, May 26
$500: No. 382 Lindsay Kleven
$100: No. 214 Heidi Nygard
$50: No. 223 Vicki McDonald
$50: No. 312 Nathan Anderson

Thursday, May 25
$150: No. 356 Amber Renz
$100: No. 40 Betty Skari
$50: No. 120 Carrie Lewis
$50: No. 250 Abby Graves

Wednesday, May 24
$150: No. 320 Kristin Kokot
$100: No. 347 Brad Kraft
$50: No. 264 Mindy Rudnick
$50: No. 142 Darren Olson

Tuesday, May 23
$100: No. 373 Adam Daley
$100: No. 181 Janna Mckechnie
$50: No. 319 Heather Kippen
$50: No. 155 Sharah Aleshire

Monday, May 22
$100: No. 160 Jim Sturm
$100: No. 68 Penny Lipsey
$50: No. 125 Sheila Green Gerding
$50: No. 404 KateLynn Albers