Minot State offers online option in criminal justice

MINOT, N.D. – At Minot State University, prospective and current students can now begin or complete their criminal justice degree online. 

The addition of the online program affords students more flexibility in attaining their criminal justice degree and joins a growing list of learning options provided by Minot State: online, on campus, at Bismarck State College’s campus, and through the Air University Associate to Baccalaureate Cooperative (AU-ABC), a program that provides airmen the opportunity to pursue an advanced education beyond their associate degree.

“We are excited about offering the criminal justice degree as an online option for students,” Gary Rabe, Minot State professor and chair of the criminal justice department, said. “This is a flexible option for students to complete the degree at a time and place that best fits into their schedule. More and more we see students who have barriers to starting and completing the degree in the traditional on-campus format.”

In a high-demand career field, this flexibility offers more learning options for students. The strength of Minot State’s criminal justice program enhances the selections.

“The online degree option allows us to reach new markets with a top-notch comprehensive criminal justice degree, “Rabe said. “Our students consistently score in the top 5-10% nationally on a criminal justice assessment test.”

The three minors — police management and investigations, law and legal studies, and offenders, risk assessment, and corrections — will allow students to specialize in key areas in the criminal justice system and were launched during the 2017-18 school year.

“Minors provide an in-depth study of the three primary components of the criminal justice system and are very popular among students,” said Rabe. “The knowledge students gain from pursuing a minor makes them desirable to employers, as they come away from our program with a specialized skill set that can be applied to their job from day one.”

The variety in the minors allows a comprehensive look at different career paths in the criminal justice field.

The police management and investigations minor offers students a comprehensive study of interview and investigation, use of force, and police administration and management. Law and legal studies will prepare students for a career in the legal system or a law degree by studying the legal system and types of law, while the offenders, risk assessment, and corrections minor is aimed at individuals interested in pursuing a career in probation, parole, and correction. 

Beyond various learning options and new minors, the department also participates in the North Dakota Law Enforcement Office Tuition & Fees Waiver Program. A licensed peace officer who meets qualifications may be eligible to receive a waiver of 25% off resident tuition and fees in addition to other financial aid opportunities.

“Over the course of my 25-year career at Minot State University, I have witnessed a dramatic shift in the students that pursue a criminal justice degree, a change that more reflects the world we live in and the world they are going to be working in,” said Rabe. “Currently, I see more working professionals coming back for their degree as well as an increase in gender and ethnic diversity in the classroom. These changes have not only enhanced the educational experience of all of our students but also helps prepare each of them for working successfully in the field.”

With no one student the same, the criminal justice department prides itself on tailoring its program to meet the needs of any student, regardless of background. For more information on the criminal justice department visit MinotStateU.edu/cj or call 701-858-3303/800-777-0750.

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Published: 07/17/19   

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