About IVN

Carla Davis, IVN Program Coordinator
(701) 858-3984 or 1-800-777-0750 x 3984

The North Dakota Interactive Video Network (IVN) is statewide videoconferencing communication tool providing distance education opportunities throughout the state.

IVN has implemented Internet-based videoconferencing technology (H.323) over the state network (STAGEnet) to significantly enhance communication and learning opportunities. In addition to higher education and tribal colleges, video conferencing is now available to K-12 schools, NDSU Extension offices, and state government. There are over 400 sites in the state with over 100 in the higher education environment.

Minot State University both sends and receives courses, workshops, and meetings. Students from this area can enroll in a wide range of degree programs offered by a number of North Dakota University System institutions. Programs range from two year degrees in medical assistant and marketing to master's degrees in education and counselor education.

The University has several video classrooms. Three large classrooms are located in the Administration Building. Additional IVN sites on campus include rooms in Memorial Hall, Criminal Justice department and in the North Dakota Caner for Persons with Disabilities.

Information about classes and meetings can be found on the North Dakota IVN webpage or on the Access North Dakota University System webpage. Information about classes and meetings at the Minot State University locations is also posted on MSU IVN website.