Professional and Community Education

Continuing Education

At Minot State University’s Center for Extended Learning (CEL) we want to help you achieve your educational aspirations. We believe learning should never stop and that growth is always possible. That’s why our mission is to provide excellence in education.

Everyone’s learning needs are unique. We offer a variety of educational opportunities through our non-credit programs – from continuing your education or providing training for your co-workers through our community education classes or Institutes, to our summer and winter College for Kids program for your children – continuing education can be customized to fit your needs. It’s your choice! Let us know how we can help you learn...grow...renew.

Minot State University's Center for Extended Learning has offered training for business professionals for over twenty years. The CEL prides itself by delivering quality training to your employees in a timely manner.

The Center for Extended Learning was a training provider for over 200 charter employees of ING when it established its business in Minot. Other corporate entities that we provided training for were MLT World Vacations, Choice Hotels, SRT, Sykes, and several banking institutions. Minot Air Force Base has also been the recipient of training from the CEL.

Minot State offers courses in Driver's Education for a variety of purposes.

Minor Driver Recertification

If you have a training need we'd like to hear from you. Contact Amy today at 858-3989 or 1-800-777-0750.

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