Implementing an Approved Course Attendance Accommodation

When implementing an attendance accommodation, instructors generally decide the specific requirements for each of their courses. Attendance requirements can vary significantly, and often depend on the format of the course (lecture, lab, hands-on, or activity based). Students are advised to attend the first class session to secure a course syllabus and review the attendance policy. If the student is concerned his/her attendance will be affected by their disability, a meeting can be scheduled with Access Services case manager to discuss the potential impact. The Access Services Specialist will explain the process for evaluating an attendance accommodation request, identifying key variables considered when making the determination to approve or deny.

If the accommodation is approved and verified in writing by Access Services, the student and their instructor will typically identify the process for completing missed work, when and how the instructor will be notified of an absence, and the maximum number of classes that can be missed without substantially reducing the academic standard.

In making the accommodation, the instructor is advised to consider the following questions:

  • What are the reasons for the attendance policy?
  • What does the course description and syllabus say about attendance?
  • What is the degree of interaction in class between the instructor and the students?
  • What percentage of the course learning is based on "in-class" participation?
  • What is the effect of long-term absences on the student and/or others enrolled in the course?
  • In what other circumstances might the instructor allow for flexibility in attendance?