SENIOR SPOTLIGHT: Research leads Tenekeu Djauken to writing

MINOT, N.D. – Achille Tenekeu Djauken’s academic career has been—and will continue to be—focused on research.

He wants to continue working in the lab and eventually find a profession in pharmaceutical sciences.

But to do so, he had to get out of his comfort zone, leave the lab, and work on different skills.

“During this last year of undergraduate studies, I decided that I didn’t only want to keep doing research, but I also wanted to contribute to the publication of research findings,” he said. “Making them accessible and understandable to both scientific and general audiences. I joined the writing staff in University Communications to develop my writing skills.”

Stepping outside his comfort zone to better himself is nothing new for Tenekeu Djauken. Originally slated for graduation in December, he decided to continue at Minot State in the spring, adding a computer science concentration.

“Adding a concentration in computer science complements my background in environmental science and chemistry,” he said. “It will provide me with valuable computational skills that are increasingly relevant in scientific research domains such as data collection and analysis.”

Tenekeu Djauken primarily focused his undergraduate research in environmental science and chemistry. Because of MSU’s small class size and hands-on approach, he feels his time in the lab was rewarding.

“Overall, my undergraduate research experience was gratifying,” he said. “It gave me valuable hands-on experience in scientific inquiry, data collection, and analysis. I learned how to design experiments, troubleshoot challenges that arose during fieldwork and lab work, and effectively communicate my findings through presentations and reports.

“I worked on projects related to water quality assessment and environmental chemistry, particularly in freshwater ecosystems. This involved fieldwork to collect water samples, laboratory analysis to measure various water quality parameters, and data interpretation to understand the ecological health of the studied ecosystems.”

Originally from Douala, Cameroon, Tenekeu Djauken’s process to find Minot State was pretty simple — he was looking for affordability. His desire to stay has been more complex.

“When I decided to come to the United States, I looked for the most affordable school, and that was Minot State,” Tenekeu Djauken said. “Coming in, I did not really have any expectations as it was totally new to me. Now, at the end of my time here, I am very happy to have chosen this place.

“I leave with fond memories and a deep appreciation for all this school has offered me.”

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Published: 05/08/24   

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