SENIOR SPOTLIGHT: Noches championing wellness, athleticism

MINOT, N.D. – Anabel Noches ventured far from home in Pomona, California, to carve out her path to success.

As a first-generation college student and women’s soccer player, Noches embarked on her academic and athletic journey at Minot State University with a thirst for new experiences.

For Noches, Minot State was a leap of faith guided by the promise of personal growth.

“I decided to come here as a freshman because I wanted to experience something new,” she said. “I am far from home, but they said I will be able to grow here and enhance my skills athletically and academically.”

With a keen eye on the intersection of fitness and wellness, Noches pursued a major in corporate fitness and wellness management, complemented by a minor in coaching. She found her calling in aiding others in unlocking their physical potential and leading healthier lives.

Reflecting on her time at Minot State, Noches recalls the steady support she received from faculty, peers, and administrators. Whether providing her with state-of-the-art equipment or opportunities for hands-on learning, the University played an instrumental role in shaping her academic journey. That support led to her being named to the 2023 VPAA and Engagement honor roll.

“My professors and peers have been super helpful and showed me that they are willing to help with equipment, class material, and give us opportunities to do more in our field of work,” she said.

Beyond the classroom, Noches made her mark as a formidable student-athlete. She played in 71 games including six starts for the Beavers in four seasons, scoring four goals and adding six assists. In 2019, she found the back of the net twice, both game-winning goals.

Noches also found time to participate in intramurals such as volleyball, soccer, and basketball to stay true to her passion for staying active.

“I have always been someone who likes to stay active,” she said.

Looking ahead, Noches envisions a future where her love for soccer continues to shine. Whether pursuing opportunities overseas or transitioning into performance coach or personal trainer roles, she remains committed to wellness and athleticism in herself and others.

“I would love to keep playing soccer in my future journey,” she said. “It has always been a passion of mine, and if I could get the chance to keep playing, I would do that.”

As Noches prepares to bid farewell to Minot State, she is armed with knowledge, determination, and a heart full of ambition.

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Published: 05/16/24   

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