SENIOR SPOTLIGHT: Delichte strives to be a better student, person

MINOT, N.D. – Being initially recruited for baseball, Ryan Delichte felt drawn to Minot State University because it was only a short distance from where he grew up in Manitoba.

“I was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, until I was 10 years old. I then moved to California with my mom and sister, where I graduated high school,” said Delichte. “I chose Minot State because the head baseball coach at the time had showed interest in me. Although I had never been to Minot, it was only a five-hour drive from my hometown, so I would be close to family.”

In addition, Delichte, a criminal justice major, found many parts of MSU that fit his goals and life plans.

“I decided to pursue criminal justice because that area had always interested me. I grew up watching cop and crime shows, and my mom even works in a prison, so I have been surrounded by the CJ field's influences my entire life,” Delichte said. “I've always just wanted to help people and do tough jobs. All these factors have solidified my decision to remain a CJ major for my entire college stay.”

While his academic major fit with his passion, he also pinpointed MSU’s Grow North Dakota tuition rate as a factor in eventually choosing where to study.

“On top of all the factors, I got in-state tuition, which was a huge selling point,” he said.

While initially coming to Minot State to play baseball, Delichte found himself in a variety of MSU’s extra-curricular activities beyond intercollegiate sports.

“I played baseball at MSU for three years, and I participated in many seasons of intramural bowling and volleyball,” he said. “Since then, I have become vice president of the MSU trap shooting team, a team captain in Esports, and the president of the boxing club. I have also worked in residence life for two and a half years.”

Looking to Delichte’s future, he plans to take his life and new criminal justice degree to Illinois and pursue job opportunities.

“My next step is to move to the Chicago area with my wife, where I can pursue my career path in law enforcement,” he said.

Finding the right location to start as a professional that aligns with his and his wife’s career needs fits Delichte’s family-centric mindset.

“I would like to give my thanks to my wife, Daniela, and to my family, especially my mom, for supporting me,” he said. “From playing baseball to pursuing a career, through college and my whole life, my mom has been there. Love you mom.”

Looking back at his collegiate career, Delichte looks fondly over his time at MSU.

“My time at MSU was great,” he said. “The community of people you can build here is great. From the clubs to your classmates, teammates to faculty, you can develop a group of people that you really love being around. Everyone at MSU really wants you to succeed, and it is evident based on the work and effort they put into making you a better student and person.”

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Published: 05/08/24   

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