Minot State Student Health presents Kate Simonet

MINOT, N.D. – Minot State University Student Health and Counseling is proud to announce former Division II student-athlete and author Kate Simonet will present “Out of the Darkness” at Ann Nicole Nelson Hall on Monday, Nov. 27 at 3 and 7 p.m.

The event is free and open to the public.

“Mental well-being is of utmost importance to Minot State University. Our concerns for the students, faculty, and staff inspired us to search for a relatable mental health speaker to provide education, insight, and hope,” said Deb Haman, student health and counseling director. “Kate Simonet spoke at the North Dakota Suicide Prevention conference this fall, and we were delighted when she agreed to travel to Minot to speak on campus. Simonet’s memoir is filled with short stories that depict her journey with mental health.”

A Minnesota native and former DII student-athlete at Winona State, Simonet is a mental health and suicide prevention advocate. She travels to schools and organizations, speaking to students about the importance of asking for help and breaking the stigma around mental health struggles.

“Despite this ‘All-American’ background, nothing had prepared me for the downward spiral that led me to two, two-weeklong psychiatric hospitalization stays and a suicide attempt before those seven months were up,” Simonet said on her Amazon page for “Out of the Darkness.” “I would later be diagnosed with bipolar disorder and, with time, learn to overcome stigma, and eventually find peace and learn to live a successful and meaningful life.

“If I had a better understanding of what mental illnesses looked like and had the correct resources and language to ask for help, things would not have been so difficult for my younger self. I believe that if my parents and friends had known more about mental health issues, I would not have had to go through what I did.”

She is currently living a life she never thought possible when originally diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Now, it has become her goal to teach people that there is hope in not only managing a mental illness, but in living a successful and happy life regardless of your mental health status.

“Out of the Darkness,” a memoir, is her first book. Copies of the book are on sale at AMAZON.

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Published: 11/16/23   

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