Mueller a third-generation student at Minot State

MINOT, N.D. – At Minot State, tradition and progress mesh together, creating a unique educational experience for its students.

For Aubree Mueller, the University holds academic promise and a deep connection to her family's history.

Mueller is not just a first-year student; she is a part of a proud tradition. She continues a well-established legacy between Minot State and her family, dating back three generations.

"My grandparents on my dad’s side (Tom ’77 and Ann (Schneider) ’73 Mueller) both went to Minot State; both my parents (Michael ’01 and Krista (Schmidt) ’00 Mueller) went to and graduated from Minot State," she said. "It is cool that I am a third-generation student here. I like to hear their stories and see how the school has changed over the years."

Even though she is a third-generation student, Mueller needed to be sure that Minot State was the right place for her, and her family gave her the confidence she needed. This substantial family endorsement motivated Mueller to follow in their footsteps.

"They told me that it's a great school, and that I would get a great education here," she said.

For Mueller, being part of a generational legacy has deeply embedded her within the campus community. The sense of community on campus has given her a wonderful experience so far.

"Along with growing up here, I feel that having so many family members go here has impacted me in a way that campus feels like home. I feel comfortable walking around, and everyone here is so welcoming," she said. 

Mueller has big plans for the future, starting with carrying on her family legacy through hard work and excelling in her studies.

"I want to get good grades to make myself and my family proud, and I want to form connections that will last far past my time at Minot State," she said. 

This intimate connection between family and the institution adds a profound layer to her educational adventure, as her connection to the University is a bridge that spans generations. 

"When I was looking over classes to choose my schedule, my dad pointed out some classes that he took when he went here," she said. "Whenever I have classes that I know my parents or grandparents had classes in, it reminds me of them, and it's just nice to think about how deep my roots run here."

Mueller's journey contradicts preconceived notions and proves each student's unique experience. She has some advice for those who, like her, are multigenerational students.

"I was hesitant to come to Minot State because I was worried it would not feel like going to college because of my family's history here. I was wrong," she said. "If you are considering following in your family's footsteps, I would say to give it a try. You might be surprised at how different it is from how you thought it would be."

In the immediate future, Mueller sees herself playing an expanded role in campus life. She is committed to excellence and hints that she might not be the last Mueller to attend Minot State.

"I want to get involved on campus and maximize my years here. I want to join more clubs and graduate with grades that I am proud of. In the future, if I raise kids here, I will encourage them to consider Minot State," she said.

Mueller embodies the spirit of Minot State, a place where tradition is celebrated and innovation is embraced. She symbolizes the enduring bond between family and education and the limitless opportunities that await future generations at Minot State. 

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Published: 10/27/23   

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